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Bamanga 2023: Of an exemplary Politician

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Bamanga 2023: Of an exemplary Politician

By: James Bwala

From the outset, the story I have had of Aliyu Mohammed Lawan aka Bamanga was of a humble politician who told his supporters that he was never out to seek relevance in the political circle through his own means, but by Allah’s wishes , directives and will. When I met him the first time, it was the same courage I saw that is driving his motivation to seek the people’s support to contest for the Southern Borno senatorial position. Doors were opened up for him; he got the people’s acceptance and received blessings from the Emirs. He was all set for the primaries and he was set to win. However, when he was called upon by the leadership of the party to discuss a turn of event where he would have to relinquish his ambition, Aliyu Mohammed Lawan returned honour to the party and leadership taking their decisions as the will of God for his tomorrow.

Unlike the practice in political space. Politicians who failed to clinch a position or who were asked to step down for others often air venom and expose the politically guided secrecy they would have never exposed should they have been favored by the powers that be. Most Politicians seeking political offices across the country have been going from one page and another of the newspapers telling the story of how they have been short changed and disenfranchised by their parties and its leadership. They talked about the irregularities of the party primaries that they had to go through, but forgot to acknowledge the facts in politics that it is a shifting ground, a place for realignment and calculated outcomes.

Aliyu Mohammed Lwana

The recent happenings in Borno state particularly with the realignments in the APC the brought Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume defines the other side of politics. However, it also reveals two kinds of politicians in the state. The ground is for a contest, no doubt about it but it is also a ground for politicians to make some shifting.  The decision of Aliyu Mohammed Lawan to accept the position and go with the leadership of the party has made him the greatest among the trio of the contesting personalities. It shows that age does not define a leader; rather , it reveals them and Aliyu Mohammed Lawan is one that history will recount when the books are open.

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Following his decision to step aside, I found it very interesting to see that Aliyu Mohammed Lawan was still on the field remembering to go back to say thank you to the people that supported him in the course of his campaign. He was doing the most difficult thing particularly for a politician who knew he had taken the hardest decision in a moment of choice between his ambition and the decision of others.   In the atmosphere of discouragement and setbacks, Aliyu Mohammed remains one politician that can be remembered for demonstrating the spirit of sportsmanship.

Today, I had a brief discussion with him and he told me he was already on his way to Gombe where he intends to reach Bayo, Kwaya-kusar, Biu, Shani and Hawul local governments to meet with his supporters and the people to thank and appreciate them for the opportunity they have given him before and during his meetings with the people while expressing interest to serve them. He said he will ensure to go round all the nine local governments to return thanks.

Already Aliyu Mohammed Lawan has reached out to all the royal Fathers to thank them. He has reached out to some leadership of the party to express support and solidify his loyalty to the party. He also thanked them for the opportunity to showcase his ambition on the platform of the All People Congress and promised to continue to support the party and ensure he worked with the leadership in building the dream of the founding fathers.

While I was listening to him telling me why he had to do that in appreciation of the support he received from the people, the party and its leadership, I felt very impressed and saw a revealing democratic spirit. I believe Aliyu Mohammed Lawan was well groomed politically to be a leader and represent his people. What he has demonstrated made me recall listening to a preacher telling the story of the Biblical ten lepers, who were healed and only one returned to give thanks. I believe that with such a heart, Aliyu Mohammed Lawan has an edge over his opponents in the just concluded APC primaries despite stepping aside; he has demonstrated an exemplary leadership style and team spirit.  

For those he reached out to say thank you, and those he was going to meet to express thankfulness as he plan to conclude his visits in Maiduguri and Abuja, the name Bamanga has entered the books of those who practice the theory of politics without bitterness as demonstrated by the great man – the father of Borno politics, late Waziri Ibrahim of blessed memory.

Bamanga 2023: Of an exemplary Politician

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