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Hon. Avia: Faced by Scarcity And Poverty of Ideas

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Hon. Avia: Faced by Scarcity And Poverty of Ideas

By: Balami Lazarus

In my writings, I have always been misunderstood in different ways, probably when and where readers are not objective or are refusing to see reason with me. Notwithstanding, I will and shall continue in this fashion, believing that posterity will be fair to me hereafter.

Politicians are public goods and essential commodities to their various constituencies, where the consumption of their public services is highly needed. From my mind, politicians should be full of developmental ideas to be translated as dividends of democracy, which is why so many people consider them to be the same in political business. I subscribed to this notion to some extent because I was privileged to be in the political circle for quite some time, where I led a political group known as The Mandate as Chairman, apart from being a member of other political groups on the Plateau.

I have seen and interacted with good politicians who are rich in Ideas and have made considerable contributions to their constituencies by adopting compitative democracy in order to deliver dividends of good representation and penetrate the political market of their constituencies to build a career in politics. In addition to this, some politicians see themselves as public servants serving their people as elected representatives in various offices at both the federal and state levels.

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My experience with some politicians on the Plateau is their inability to provide social amenities as fulfillment of their campaign promises. However, the story is different in some constituencies. A good example of such a constituency is the Jos East/Jos South Federal Constituency, where Hon. Musa Dachung Baggos is performing. And of course, the good things about a handful of these politicians are that they tend to come back to appreciate and say thank you to the electorate for their time, their votes, and for identifying with them.

I will hereby narrow this discourse to my neglected constituencies of Jos North (Bassa) and Jos North West (Federal and State). As a bloc, Plateau North Senatorial District is, however, the least developed constituency in terms of political progress. House of Representatives and State Assembly Members that emerged from these constituencies are stuck in the pot of scarcity and poverty of Ideas of development. 

The likes of Hon. Mohammed Goni, Hon. Peter Ajang Azi, Hon. Suleiman Kwande, Hon. Yakubu Choji, and Hon. Esther Simi Dusu had all failed woefully in fulfilling their promises or in attracting development to the aforesaid constituencies; rather, they hid in the infrastructure provided by the state government. These politicians surrounded themselves with nitwits and sycophants who had misguided them. They are likened to “Animal Farm” by George Owell, where if you challenged them, you were labeled a Snowball and dismissed as anti-progress.

In this regard, not much is known about Hon. Musa Agah Avia in the political environment of Plateau State. For me, he is a political introvert in town hall meetings, meeting the people, and in infrastructural development. The people of his constituency, who and I painfully voted for him to wade away certain political interests twined and twisted in ethno-religious sentiments of treachery, intrigues fanned by aged rivalry, which reared its ugly head in the last general elections in February and March 2023, Hon. Agah, with his credentials of poor performance, was again elected as a member of the House of Representatives to represent Jos North/Bassa Federal constituency under the People’s Democratic Party to prove himself.

I am hereby calling on Hon. Danjuma Azi, a State House of Assembly Member representing Jos North-West, to remember his campaign promises or else…

***Balami, a publisher and columnist


Hon. Avia: Faced by Scarcity And Poverty of Ideas

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