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Kashim Shettima: When Datti Baba Ahmed sarcastically applauded himself

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Kashim Shettima: When Datti Baba Ahmed sarcastically applauded himself

By: James Bwala

There is a statement that states that having self-orderliness and decent behavior comes before teaching a youngster good manners. Those who desire the right others for any cause must liberate themselves from themselves.

I saw Datti Baba Ahmed in front of a mirror mocking himself for all the accusations made against the APC Vice Presidential Candidate, Distinguished Senator Kashim Shettima. He has identified the origins of Kashim Shettima’s holdings. In the north, we are aware of the culture and noble history of the magnificent Borno Empire. Can the Datti-man be said to be the same, though?

The inhabitants of the great Borno empire had garments on their bodies long before the arrival of the white man on the African continent. There is nothing poetic about enhanced dress sense for those who were naked when the white man first set foot on African soil; the notion of it was cultural.

In light of the fact that the Borno empire is renowned for its court of many colors and that they did not learn how to dress from the Mauritanians, Datti Baba-Ahmed cannot instruct a Borno man on how to dress, let alone help him improve his dress sense.

When Kashim Shettima showed up at the NBA event on August 22 and took away their crowd, I believe Datti Baba Ahmed was still hurt by the way the table had been turned. The change that left the opposition in a tinderbox. Their plans are stifled by the trending, which also silences their hired voices. As far as I’m aware, Datti Baba Ahmed cannot educate Senator Kashim Shettima how to dress modestly.

Regardless of whether Kashim Shettima’s justification was used, the points were plainly marked on the score cards, which is sufficient proof that Kashim Shettima is cheered anywhere he is seen, as evidenced by the crowd’s yells and applause.

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It’s time for Datti Baba Ahmed to visit the eye doctor to have his glasses adjusted so he can see Kashim Shettima well during political class. His reports in the Punch Newspaper of Friday 2 December, 2022, depict a man who didn’t seem to understand the topic he chose to talk about and instead walked a tightrope to make fun of himself in an effort to denigrate a rival who was using his strength and intellect to clear the political table they (opposition Labour Party) had painted with murky figures.

He mentioned Kashim Shettima’s propensity for disparaging his political rivals and asked the former governor of Borno state to gain control over his public demeanor and communication discipline. The Labour Party vice presidential candidate, in my opinion, has forgotten that every political engagement requires a brilliant mind of exceptional quality to subtly silence an opposing force.

He ought to be aware that Kashim Shettima held political office before now running for vice president, and that he is therefore capable of maintaining composure and refraining from acting out in the manner depicted by Datti baba Ahmed. Kashim Shettima would never be as in the viral video #sympathizingWithPeterObi as Datti Baba Ahmed could not maintain composure during his address in the video.

In trying to attack Kashim Shettima through his assumption of subtle calculations and not to appear taking the position he was so alleging of Kashim Shettima, Datti Baba Ahmed has instead exposed his intellectual laziness and discomfort to the point where he lost focus in supporting his points of argument and dove into issues like belittling himself by his own words.

There are no kinder words than to sponsor a tweet that disparages a rival in the most heinous and conventional manner like the opposition did to Shettima and his principal. Even if the messages are still in shock, Tinubu and Shettima have continued to overcome obstacles.

Datti Baba Ahmed becomes yet another clown on a political journey if Shettima’s comments in defense of his party and Principal on a political front are taken as unguarded and uneducated public declarations.

How carefully and formally did he (Datti Baba Ahmed) speak about APC, Tinubu, and Shettima? Are you taking a “particular white drug,” Datti Baba Ahmed? If he (Datti Baba Ahmed) had lived what he preached, perhaps he needed to be more transparent about his reserved and refined language.

Kashim Shettima: When Datti Baba Ahmed sarcastically applauded himself

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