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Mercy Corps Organise Trade Fair for Farmer in Potiskum

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Mercy Corps Organise Trade Fair for Farmer in Potiskum

By: Yahaya Wakili

The Albit fertilizer has been proven and tested by various organizations including NAPDEC, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture ABU Zaria, AITA and many Agricultural organizations.

The Project Executive Company, Albit and Agro Consult limited, Mr Baidu Joseph disclosed this to Newsmen at a Trade Fair organized by Mercy Corps in Potiskum, Yobe state.

“We are one of the trusted and reliable companies invited to the fair to educate, sensitize and sell to farmers modern farming tools, seeds and organic fertilizer and sometimes to educate and teach them how to go about use of it.

“Because agriculture has actually moved from the normal num to stage whereby organic fertilizer needs to be welcome in our community, simple mechanized inputs need to be welcome into our farming and then using satisfied seeds to plant need to be welcome into our community.

“We intend to educate farmers also to know that after planting what they harvest they have to remove some to plant again. You are reducing the poor quality of what you will get in a year.” Baidu said

He explained that organic fertilizer is highly beneficial is serve put for the land, for the atmosphere and for the consumptions and also highly cost effective and is affordable is not expensive and every farmers is belong to farm for one hectre in using chemical fertilizer right now you will spend over one hundred and thirty thousand up to fifty thousand far one hectre.

According to him, so many agricultural organizations have proving and tested that our fertilizer has what you see it has, that is the 19 macro which is beneficial to every crop that you intend to plant which involve include NPK nitrogen and so many other nitro which is macro and macro including Urea in it but all there organic form.

“Number one is beneficial, is cost effective and is good and just #16,000, our own organic NPK fertilizer you can comfortably farm one hectre of land. It gives you a chemical fertilizer that you spend over 120,000, there is a lot of benefit in our own product.

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“We also have a farm implement like manual push rolla way bidder, we also have a manual push rolla planter itself, we have bump sprayer and so many things that make farming attractive and beneficial in terms of money wise now.” He added

Mr Joseph revealed that they understand the cry of farmers because they are also practical farmers, They know where things are hard.

“We know a lot of farmers suffer when it comes to profit margins, so we try to understand and make it beneficial. You have to think and put limited resources to gain more.

“We don’t want the farmer to have body pain and back pain we are totally eliminating that in farms and that is why the manual push plant comes in, push plant every crops for you professional giving you the speaking of either 40, 20 metres for plant stand or 20 centimeter by plant stand.” He said.

Mercy Corps Organise Trade Fair for Farmer in Potiskum

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