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MoU: UNILAG set to teach Spanish language in 2023



MoU: UNILAG set to teach Spanish language in 2023

MoU: UNILAG set to teach Spanish language in 2023

The University of Lagos says plans are at an advanced stage to begin the teaching of Spanish language in the institution in January 2023.

The Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, gave the hint during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Spanish Ambassador to Nigeria, Juan Sell, on Friday in Lagos.

According to him, the MoU is the beginning of many more programmes that are springing up in the university.
He noted that with the development, the institution was moving to the space of ‘universities without borders’.

Ogundipe said that the move would also attract more foreign students and lecturers to the 60-year-old university.

He said that there were about 10 foreign students currently studying in the institution.

“As you know, presently, we teach various foreign languages in this university, such as Chinese, German, French and Russian, and now, we are introducing the study of Spanish.

“At the initial stage, it will be a short programme, but at the end of the day, we are going to run a degree programme on that. And that is why we remain the university of first choice and the nation’s pride.

“This is a cosmopolitan university and I am glad that today, we have three ambassadors who are part of the signing.

“By next yearJanuary, we shall be having voluntary lecturers from Spain, coming to Nigeria to teach our students in the area of Spanish language and I am very excited about this development.

“I also want to state that with this development, we are moving steadily to the space of universities without border,” the don said.

Ogundipe, the outgoing 12th vice chancellor of the university, said that with the development, lecturers from Mexico or Spain or any of the Spanish-speaking countries could also engage the students virtually.

He assured that the university’s virtual platform was in top shape for the purpose.

Ogundipe said that this would enable students from the university spending a year or two at the undergraduate level, to move to either Spain or Mexico, to round off the degree programme.

According to him, with this, such student will have two degree programmes or programmes in two courses.

“So, we are moving to an era where there will be no more boundaries between one university or the other, irrespective of their locations globally, and we run programmes together and even conduct examinations together.

“I believe strongly too that the number of foreign students will soon be on the increase.

I have this conviction because before now, accommodation has always been a great challenge in the institution in particular, and Lagos in general.

“This has constituted a lay back to these students, but with what is currently on ground, which in the next three months we are going to accomplish, it will change the story.

“We are about having a state -of -the -art international students’ hostel attracted to the university by Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker of the House of Representatives.
“And by the time we open that up, definitely, it is going to attract more of these foreign students, at least in the next one year.

“They will know that this is already provided for and so, they will have nothing to fear,” Ogundipe stated.

The vice chancellor said that the university was also looking at the possibility of having discounted students’ fee for foreign students from West African countries.

On his part, Amb. Sell said that the country was already running some exchange programmes with Nigeria, basically those organised by the European Union, the Spanish Women for Africa Foundation and Learn Africa, among others.

He said that the MoU with the university would enable his country to send lecturers in Spanish language or a Chair in Spanish.

“We are first going to send a professor in Spanish that will work within the university, having signed an MoU on that in the Faculty of Arts, Department of Foreign Language and Integrated Studies.

“That will be the seed for the teaching of Spanish language here. Of course, he will start teaching that from the very moment he lands at the airport.

“This is going to bring the two countries closer together, as well as our universities. All we are striving to do is to bring people of the two nations very much closer together.

“And this is very important. Spanish is not only being owned by Spain and that is why we have the Amb. of Mexico and that of Equatorial Guinea here with me.

“Spanish is spoken all over the world by over 500 million people, across 20 nations. Some of them, just across the Atlantic, kind of your neighbours.

“And so, we want the language to be widely acceptable and learnt even here in Nigeria,” he said.

He said that the signing of the MoU coincided with the celebration of his country’s national day, which comes up on Oct. 15, noting that the two occasions were of great significance to him.
Alfredo Miranda, the Mexican Ambassador to Nigeria, expressed joy over the signing of the MoU with the university, noting that it was also his first visit to the institution.

“It is an important moment for us, I am glad to be here to be part of this auspicious occasion.

“I was invited by my colleague, the Ambassador of Spain, because as he said, Mexico has 120 million Spanish-speaking people, making it the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

“Having our lecturers here will open up possibilities to invite more people coming from different Latin American countries and, therefore, benefit from the various academic programmes that will be involved; not only the language, but also our culture and activities.

“It will also provide a platform that would enable them know what we are doing as a people, because the most important thing in the world right now is the fact that people across divides are now seeking to learn and benefit from each other in various aspects,” Miranda said.

MoU: UNILAG set to teach Spanish language in 2023

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Mathematics Key to Country’s Development and Growth-NTIC School Clinches 100 Medals at National Mathematics Competition



Mathematics Key to Country’s Development and Growth-NTIC School Clinches 100 Medals at National Mathematics Competition

By: Michael Mike

The Managing Director of Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC), Mr. Feyzullah Bilgin has urged Nigerians to take the study of mathematics very serious as it could be the key to unearthing in the Nigeria entrance into deserving development and growth.

Bilgin, made the call in a statement issued on Thursday during which he announced that students of the Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC) have won over 100 medals in the 1st round of the National Mathematical Centre (NMC) competitions.

He noted that mathematics is not as difficult as many students believe, insisting that all it requires to be atop the subjects is interest and good teacher.

On the National Mathematical Centre (NMC) competitions, he said it is mandated to identify and encourage young talents, stimulate enthusiasm among young Nigerian students and attract distinguished mathematical scientists, from all over the country.

He noted that it is also aimed at enabling it tackle national set goals in the development of mathematical sciences and represent Nigeria in the various most prestigious international olympiads.

He said: “We are pleased to announce to you our outstanding achievements from the 2023/2024 1st round of National Mathematical and Sciences Olympiad Competitions according to the results released by N.M.C. Abuja.”

He listed some of the outstanding achievements of the NTIC to include students of the school winning 27 gold, 38 silver and 35 bronze medals in various subjects including math, the science subjects and informatics Olympiads.

He said: “Our schools also achieved a record-breaking number of 293 students that qualified for the second round of the competitions.

“In the whole of Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Yobe States, our schools clinched the best in Mathematics Olympiad.

“In the whole of F.C.T. Abuja, our schools are the best in biology, chemistry, junior mathematics, and physics Olympiads.

“In the F.C.T, our students clinched the top 3 in biology Olympiad; 9 of our students emerged in the top 10 in junior math; 6 of our students emerged in the top 10 and half of the students that qualified for the second round are our students in senior math. It would also interest you to know that one of our J.S.S. 1 students surpassed several J.S.S. 2 and 3 students to clinch 3rd position in the state.

“In the same Abuja, one of our students: Chiemela Ahachi clinched the best positions in both physics and chemistry Olympiads.

“In the whole of Kano State, our schools are the best in junior informatics, junior math, senior informatics, and senior Math.

“In the whole of Kano State, our students clinched top 5 in junior informatics Olympiad; top 10 and 89% of 2nd round qualifiers in junior mathematics Olympiad; top 5 and 89% of 2nd round qualifiers in senior informatics Olympiad; and 8 of our students emerged in the top 10 and 82% of 2nd round qualifiers in senior math Olympiads,” he said.

The director also said in the whole of Lagos State, our school is the best in junior and senior mathematics, which are clinched by two blood brothers.
In the whole of Lagos State, our students occupied the top 6 in senior math Olympiads.

“In the whole of Kaduna State, our schools are the best in junior informatics, chemistry, and physics Olympiads.

“In the whole of Kaduna State, our students occupied the top 9 in junior informatics, and came top 3 in physics.

“In the whole of Yobe State, there are no rival schools as our schools occupied every available position in all the subject categories.”

Mathematics Key to Country’s Development and Growth-NTIC School Clinches 100 Medals at National Mathematics Competition

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Why Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB)?



Why Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB)?

By: Yusuf Adamu

The Nigeria Army University Biu which has a slogan as the African First Green University was established in 2018 and it is considered as a research institution for innovation and technology for the Nigerian Army. The university is duly licensed by the NUC and it’s expected to enjoy varieties of benefits just like any other university in the country. The university is managed by the army and it has about 75% civilian and 25% army and paramilitary.It offers over 15 different courses.

However, the setting up of this university is a child of necessity because it has bridged the knowledge gap created by the insurgency and also to restore confidence of the people since it’s a military establishment.

Prior, to the establishment of the university, the people of the community made a lot sacrifices in respect of thier lands and as a result a large hectares of land was offered to the university.

The university has also enjoyed full support of the Borno State Government, Unimaid and as well as other agencies.
With the smooth takeoff of the university, what should be considered is, possible expansion owing to its large hectares of land it occupies in order for it to become world class rather than reducing it as a faculty under the Nigerian Defence Army.
The people of Biu and the state have been loyal members of the party for over 20yrs, for them the news is a shock and that the FG should reconsider thier position on this.

Instead, they should considered other MDAs and allow this tertiary institutions to operate the way it’s been setup because modus operandi of a university differs from that of MDAs.

Further more, if decision is viewed as the implementation of the Orosanyo’s recommendations then, then how come did the army university smuggled in? because it was not established at the time the report was made.

Therefore, we are appealing to the President and Vice President to please reconsider and exclude NAUB from this decision so that it can take its full position as the citadel of knowledge, compete with its peers and among others.

Why Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB)?

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Federal University of lafia produces first set of PhD and over 6000 graduates in 6th, 7th and 8th combined convocation



Federal University of lafia produces first set of PhD and over 6000 graduates in 6th, 7th and 8th combined convocation

By: Bodunrin Kayode

About 6, 499 graduands have been produced by the Federal University of lafia out of this is the first set of PhD’s since establishment.

Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Shehu Abdulraman said during the recent convocation of the institution that the management was excited that finally, they have been able to produce their first set of PhD graduates.

He said that the 6499 graduates sent into the manpower market was churned out from the 6th, 7th and 8th convocation which equally produced 50 first class graduates with first degrees from about 52 programs..

While congratulating them for their academic achievements, the VC advised that the attainment of their degrees were not the end of life but the beginning of any form of achievements they have desired or aimed for as students.

The VC described them as pillars of hard work and selfless services towards the country adding that they must keep the flag flying as they advance their various professional pursuits.

Prof Abdulraham expressed hope that all the graduands must have learnt a lot from the pre-Convocation lecture which was delivered by the chair of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Brigadier General Buba Marwan retired.

In his remark during the occasion, Governor Abdullahi Sule said that he was happy with the achievements of the University which has just passed its first decade of existence.

He said that he is equally very serious with education which is why he has placed it on the front burner of the list of priorities when it comes to recent appropriation bills of the state.

He called on the graduands of the University to fly the banner of excellence as they were now ambassadors of the institution anywhere they go to.

Governor Abdullahi Sule called on the 50 first class graduates to take the advantage of the skills acquisition centre in the state to enroll in a one month training of any skill of their choice

The reward of which would be their receipt of 500, 000 naira to any of them that would agree to undergo the skills at the Wing Commander Abdullahi Ibrahim, Skills Acquisition Training Centre in Lafia.

The money according to him will act as start up capital for them to start their own businesses.

Federal University of lafia produces first set of PhD and over 6000 graduates in 6th, 7th and 8th combined convocation

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