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MTN 20 Years of What?

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MTN 20 Years of What?

By Balami Lazarus

I got a text message from Multinational Telecommunication Network Nigeria (MTN) informing me of her 20 years anniversary. I thought for a while, and the question I asked myself was 20 years of what? Well, let me not be a cynic or a wet-blanket critic of this multi-national telecommunication giant.

In fact, to survive the turbulent Nigerian Business Environment (NBE), its insecurity, and competitive corporate atmosphere I will say kudos to MTN Nigeria. But my problem with these corporate citizen is their back-stage activities like hiding charges, poor signal, and breakage in communication but you are still been charged for not reaching the next person on the line, deceptive packages that are not explained and you are told Terms and Conditions (TC ) apply.

You are then drawn into a pit and your entire airtime credit taken away. MTN is allegedly been accused for hiking her airtime credit card printout of #100 value with that of #200. I try asking some retailers, they were all pointing fingers at dealers and equally, dealers were saying is MTN that made the increase of #10 to the #100 airtime credit, #20 to the #200 airtime cards.

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At this juncture, one finds himself at a crossroad not knowing what to do meaning; who to hold responsible in this situation for the annoying #10 and #20 debacle. Furthermore, my major concern with MTN is her near absence in Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) despite the billions of naira profit earnings both from sales and investors funds of her shares at the Nigerian Stock Exchange Market (NSE).

You can hardly see MTN’s presence in any infrastructure of social amenities that has a direct bearing on the people. What you see that tells you of her presence in the widely distributed masts claiming wide coverage only but of network. Who benefits? Imagine MTN is celebrating 20 years of anniversary with 5 minutes of free airtime and most users of her services are applauding them.

As a patriotic Nigerian who dearly loves this country and her progress, the government should from time to time look at companies’ Corporate Social Responsibilities (CRS) contents because most tends to neglect their responsibilities to the host community or the country of business residence.

Balami, a Publisher/Columnist.

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