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NYCSO Expresses Concern Over Yobe State’s Low IGR; Calls for Improved Fiscal Discipline

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NYCSO Expresses Concern Over Yobe State’s Low IGR; Calls for Improved Fiscal Discipline

By: Our Reporter

The Network of Yobe Civil Society Organizations (NYCSO) is deeply concerned about the persistently low Internally Generated Reveoqnue (IGR) performance of the Government of Yobe State, despite commendable efforts by the administration of His Excellency Hon Mai Mala Buni to enact laws aimed at prudent resource management and fiscal stability, NYCSO recognizes the importance of transparency and accountability in the Public Finance Management (PFM) sector and applauds the government’s commitment to these principles.

However, the recent fiscal performance report, ranking Yobe State as the 32nd state in the country in 2023, raises significant alarms NYCSO attributes this ranking to the state’s low IGR, coupled with a skyrocketing domestic debt profile. Despite a slight increase in IGR compared to 2022, the non-operationalization of the Yobe State Internal Revenue Law, assented to by His Excellency since 2021, remains a critical setback to effective and efficient revenue generation. The lack of a substantive leadership for the Yobe State Internal Revenue Service coupled with the absence of an Executive Order for enforcement of the law by the IRS has contributed significantly to the current fiscal instability of the state. The capital budget performance of some key service delivery MDAs as at Q3 is equally abysmal and contradictory with His Excellency’s policy statements for the 2023 fiscal year budget proposals.

In light of these concerns, NYCSO urges the State Government to take immediate action on the following key issues:

  1. Grant the Yobe State Internal Revenue Service an Executive Order to implement the Revenue Law effectively, thereby enhancing the collection and remittance of all revenues in line with the provisions of the State Revenue Law 2021 (as amended).
  2. Direct all Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) to be intentional about improving revenue generation. Cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service is also essential for the successful discharge of its statutory mandate, as provided by the law.
  3. Appoint a substantive Chairman for the Yobe State Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the provisions of the Law to ensure stable leadership that will drive effective revenue generation initiatives.
  4. NYCSO calls on the state government to sincerely implement the recommendations of the State Fiscal Responsibility reports of the previous years.
  5. The state government should also judiciously address all recommendations raised in the State Auditor General’s Reports for the previous years.

As a Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), NYCSO pledges its commitment to supporting the government by actively engaging in sensitizing the general public to fulfill their tax obligations. The Network also recognizes the crucial role of citizens in contributing to the overall socio-economic development by cooperating with the policies and programs of the government.

Similarly, NYCSO calls on the State Government to consider the above recommendations as urgent and crucial for the socio-economic development of Yobe State. The Network remains hopeful that the government, as it has consistently demonstrated, will take prompt and decisive actions to address these concerns of her citizens,

The Network further appreciates the government’s understanding and anticipates positive actions that will contribute to the sustainable growth and development of our dear state.

NYCSO Expresses Concern Over Yobe State’s Low IGR; Calls for Improved Fiscal Discipline

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