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UMAPO Chairman urges NLC, TUC to register as political parties

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UMAPO Chairman urges NLC, TUC to register as political parties

By: Yahaya Wakili

The Executive Chairman of the United Marketers Association of Potiskum and its environs in Yobe State (UMAPO), Alhaji Nasiru Mato, has said that what is left now for NLC and TUC is to register with the APC or PDP because they lost confidence and recognition from Nigerians.

Alhaji Nasiru Mato, who is also the chairman of Harmony Trading Yobe State, disclosed this to Newsmen in his office while reacting to the frequent strikes by the NLC and TUC.

Alhaji Mato revealed that, as we said back then, the strike that the laborers are doing there is not because of the masses; they are doing it because of themselves.

He said that before, if they called the name NLC, everybody was afraid, and if they said labor would go on strike, everybody would be rushed to the market for shopping because everything would be stopped. But now, around midnight, they will come out with notice that there will be a strike tomorrow morning. You don’t know what is going on.

“Therefore, this thing will not happen now that people get awareness of what is happening in Nigeria and what is happening in your state. Even in their wards, people know what is happening, and now they will say labor is on strike but people will continue with their normal business.” Mato said.

The chairman revealed that there are very fundamental issues on which labor is supposed to call a strike, like the economy of the country, the removal of oil subsidies, the cost of living, or something that affects the lives of the masses.

“As a result of all this, labor will call a strike. Now about 85% of the people of this country are sleeping hungry, and the issue of insecurity is the major problem that is worrying the people, especially the people of the northern part of the country, so this is an issue that labor will call a strike on them.” He said.

“Because they said vigilantes and security beat up their president, they embarked on a nationwide strike, so if this is the case, they should go strike within Imo State, not the nation as a whole.”

But the NLC and TUC are deeply involved in politics; they live what they purposely established them for; therefore, now people are not respecting them, people are tired off, and people are not supporting the leadership of labor.

“We would not support any strike call by the NLC and TUC again, and we should not give any instructions to our members to participate in the strike. Therefore, I advise them to register with one of the political parties because they have become partisans.”

UMAPO Chairman urges NLC, TUC to register as political parties

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