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10Th Assembly Speakership: The Silence Of Shettima And The Baggage Of Betara’s Confident

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10Th Assembly Speakership: The Silence Of Shettima And The Baggage Of Betara’s Confident

By: James Bwala

Reading various scripts about the raging desires of some politicians circling around Borno legislator and Chairman, Appropriation Committee, Hon. Muktari Betara Aliyu over the problems of Speakership of the 10th Assembly is amusing. I respect Hon. Malik Salihu for having the guts to convene media in Abuja and discuss the vice president post with them. He might not have learnt anything about the relationship between the executives and lawmakers while he represented his own constituency in the green chamber. He may have been a bench warmer at the green chamber throughout his time there because his electorate did not vote to have him re-elected.

Let me just add that everybody who knows Kashim Shettima, the vice president, understands that he is a man of eminent intellectual character. Some of the accusations that Hon. Malik Sahihu wishes to discuss why his confidence Hon. Betara was unable to get domestic support for his speakership; desires are unfounded, particularly given that he is now contrasting Kashim Shettima with Muktari Betara Aliyu in his conversation with journalists.

When some of our elders in Biu were discussing it, that’s when I first learned that Betara Aliyu was applying for the office of Speakership. According to what I heard; they were upset because he did not consult them. I’m unsure of their ability to change whatever it was that they found offensive about his refusal to consult his constituents. But regardless of how compelling his arguments are, the individuals speaking I am aware of have experience with the system and have assisted Muktari Betara Aliyu in influencing his political ascent.

They are not speaking with one side of their mouth, I am certain of that. Since Betara Aliyu and Hon. Malik Salihu were close friends, he must be aware of how important the domestic front is to politicians. As a result, if the player loses control of the game’s main character on the domestic front, there is a potential that nothing he accomplishes outside of his stronghold will have an influence.

Kashim Shettima is not that less intelligent to speak of matters as presented by Hon. Malik Salihu in the manner he wants his readers to believe. Speaking about two presidential jets landing in Maiduguri would never change who is the Vice President and who is the Speaker of the house even if Hon. Muktari Betara Aliyu becomes one. There are no way that Hon. Muktari Betara Aliyu could out-shine Kashim Shettima in Maiduguri, Borno state or anywhere in Nigeria and outside the shores of this country. Number two and number four in the rank of numbers are not the same. There is a far and wide gap in the differentiation.


Before becoming the governor of Borno state for eight years, Kashim Shettima served as a commissioner in five powerful ministries in the state. He served as a senator and is currently the Federal Republic’s vice president, holding the second-highest honor of GCON. Hon. Malik Salihu has demonstrated a lack of knowledge of his subject by stooping to the level of speaking like a child about the political climate that gave rise to the issues he was attempting to defend for his buddy and confidence. His argument lacks the material gains since there is no basis to which he argued.

Kashim Shettima was not the cause of Betara’s problems; rather, Betara’s loyalty-related mindset was. In creating political strategy, loyalty is essential. Politicians in the making and political science students should learn something from the race for the Speakership of the 10th National Assembly. In order to prevent disloyalty when it comes to the rise and fall of the players in this empty Chamber, I chose to look at the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Hon. Muktari Betara Aliyu as a case study.

Hon. Muktari Betara Aliyu was unquestionably adored and given favors throughout his political ascent. It’s not an easy chance to take the chairmanship of the committee on appropriations. He was helped, nonetheless, to advance to the point where opportunities for money and respect in the arena opened for him. This is a crucial stage in the courtiers game when the table holder must exercise caution because there are always greater forces at work, and only complete allegiance may propel such a table holder to the next level.

Some theorists contend that power induces intoxication. But I had the impression that one could only become inebriated by choosing to sip from the euphoric wine. When it comes to decision-making in this man-made chamber of power play known as democracy, many have welded power and stayed with the concept that devotion should matter—unless you reach the point where there is unquestionably no more god-father to serve. At that time, you become the alpha and omega.

Betara Aliyu has been moving from one political table to another while garnering praise. He dominated the field for a decade, earning acclaim from both sycophants and party men in the halls of power. He was too self-absorbed and overwhelmed by the money and admiration bestowed upon him until he started to disobey “the powers that be”—to use Major Hamza Al-mustapha’s phrase—when he spoke up for himself at the Oputa panel. I don’t want to go into details here but I will say a few.

I recalled that the All Progressive Congress’ (APC) Borno state chairman, Ali Bukar Dalori, talked angrily about the attitudes of Hon. Betara Aliyu allegedly demonstrated when he allegedly disregarded party summonses. Many high-ranking politicians, both inside and outside the ruling APC, have criticized Betara’s views, particularly the way he handles the phone. I thought of several of his close friends, including Hon. Malik Salihu, who supposedly shared his confidence, may have heard these criticisms and offered advice.

When Betara essentially refuses to surrender to local politics within the state gates of the APC, his pride also takes a hold of him. His ongoing displays of dominance over the deputy governor, Hon. Usman Kadafur, have exposed him to issues surrounding his allegiance to both the deputy governor and the Borno state administration. Any duplicity of the deputy governor, who holds the position of second-highest authority in the state after the governor is a direct challenge to the authority of the governor. These steps Betara fails to acknowledge.

In the recently completed Presidential and Gubernatorial elections, Hon. Muktari Betara Aliyu has also been accused of anti-party behavior. Participants in the federal constituency where Betara wields influence claim that his attitude nearly assisted the opposition in winning the day. The leadership of Borno state and significant APC players did not take kindly to this.

The appeal to abandon Hon. Betara Aliyu’s ongoing campaign to become the leader of the green chamber is fueled by further transgressions committed by Betara. Political considerations that determine who emerge victorious from this current conflict take seriously any hint that he has lost popularity at home. Betara Aliyu may have been vulnerable to a knockout blow by self-destruction but I strongly believed that the Vice President, Kashim Shettima wish-well for Betara.

10Th Assembly Speakership: The Silence Of Shettima And The Baggage Of Betara’s Confident

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