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BY: Engr. Ishaku Ibrahim Mshelizza, MNSE

In a matter of days, the Vice- President Elect Senator Kashim Shettima will be sworn-into Office and a new Era of Administration shall commence, because May 29, 2023 shall begin the President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima’s Tenure.
The focus of this writeup is the person of the soon incoming Vice President whom I know and how I believe that his performance in office shall rival that of our great leaders in the past and even surpass them. Senator Kashim Shettima as he is called now is a man of destiny who political pedigree is beyond measure. He is equally an intellectual giant whose accomplishments in all offices he has held are a benchmark of excellence. He is a truly detribalized Nigerian who considers Merit above other considerations in all his dealings. He fervently believes in Equity, Fairness and Justice to all.

When he was Governor of Borno State, he appointed people of other States of Origin into his government and thereby laid the foundation of inclusivity in the affairs of state and ensured a balance of a true Nigerian Society. During the unfortunate days of Boko Haram insurgency when he learnt of the destruction of Places of Worships i.e Churches, he immediately setup Committees for the immediate reconstruction of such edifices across the state. This is the person of our soon incoming Vice President and those who know him have high hopes that he will surely support his Boss Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to take Nigeria to an enviable high in all spheres of progress.

As to my personal encounter He is an open minded individual. He takes everyone according to how the individual presents himself to him, however you can’t have an encounter with him and remain the same, because, he will always give you his candid opinion on issues and render appropriate advice to help you achieve results. For those of us in politics, Senator Kashim Shettima is a Master Strategist who knows and Guides his associates to success and is ever welcoming.

As a Mentee, I strongly believe that Kashim Shettima will give a meaningful support and will help in achieving the Nigeria of our dream.
My prayer is God to guide and protect him as he assists the incoming President in the task of Nation building.


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