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2023: Why Kashim Shettima will bring massive votes than Any Presidential Running Mate in Political History

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2023: Why Kashim Shettima will bring massive votes than Any Presidential Running Mate in Political History

By: James Bwala

The barbarousness that greeted Kashim Shettima’s emergence as Presidential Running mate to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an indication that the former Borno state governor and Senator Representing Borno Central at the National Assembly is standing firm on the politically blessed field. This is a sign that he has been anointed by the gods to make history in the Nigerian political space.

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One of the immediate pointers that Kashim Shettima was born for this glory is the too many forces fighting his emergence. The former Borno state governor is glued to success and as ground breaking as his emergence was, so also will his tally be in terms of bringing votes to APC during the general elections. Kashim Shettima will beat the records of all Vice Presidents before him in terms of vote counts.

Recently, I took an assessment of the previous running mates from Nigeria’s political history – Dr. Alex Ekwueme, Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Mr. Namadi Sambo and the current VP Professor Yemi Osinbajo. Their emergence and the votes they gave their party have always been of debate on the expectations about them. Their failures to deliver and the backgrounds give a clear sign that the emergence of Kashim Shettima with much stimulation in the air is but a good omen. It shows that the Borno strong man is indeed a crown upon which the APC will fly higher than it has done to make its debut as the leading party in Nigeria. 

The emergence of Kashim Shettima depicts a situation in the hunting game. The hunter, who pulls the string harder from his Cupid’s bow, will have his arrow reaching a distant point far from others. That there were so much talks more on Kashim Shettima than his predecessors in politics who emerged as running mates shows that the hand of the Hunter pulling the Shettima’s string is mightier in this hunting game and certainly this will ensure better results never seen in political history in Nigeria.

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Kashim Shettima had begun building his political empire long before he joined politics with a big dream about his political future back in 1986 when he discussed his dreams and target on politics with people he might have not come to remember. When he started as a commissioner, one day he invited me to his house – his first house good enough for a commissioner in Borno state and we had long discussions where he also revealed a lot about his political ambition.

As Commissioner, he began to build and extend his relationship with people far and near a testament which still breathes in all the ministries where he served as Commissioner. The extension, an elbow with success, spread across the northwest Nigeria, the northern Nigeria and some part of the south when he led a team of governors as their leader. According to some of the governor’s, Kashim Shettima leads the northern governor’s forum with the heart of a servant leader to put it simply.

When he left office as a governor after eight years, his dream as always is that, ‘Borno state will be great again.’ Knowing where he met the state and where he was leaving it, Kashim Shettima made efforts and the right move to ensure a solid hand continued with his leadership agenda. At the floor of the senate he constantly reminds his colleagues that he is not only the mouthpiece of the eight local governments councils of Borno state where the ticket he is representing but a speaker to all voiceless Nigerians who needs to be heard.

His mastery of the political game took him to building relationships that are unique from a typical Nigerian politician. His style has been of observation and learning, which build in him both a leader and a teacher. This is why many of his political students over the years have been seen and described in the humility of his character.

The game for 2023 is on. APC is already the team to beat, but with such a formidable team and spirit, unveiling Kashim Shettima in the days ahead will paralysed opposition coming from within and outside the APC family. For Kashim Shettima, it is not only about APC retaining power but also for the party to make the difference and put all opposition to retirement. He will indeed bring more votes than the rest of the political parties will be left with shock never imagined and it is going to be a free, fair but total defeat never recorded in the history of politics in Nigeria.

2023: Why Kashim Shettima will bring massive votes than Any Presidential Running Mate in Political History

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