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Kashim Shettima: From the steps of the Senate to power

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Kashim Shettima: From the steps of the Senate to power

By: James Bwala

‘Let me have men about me that are fat; Sleek-headed men and such as sleep o’nights: Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.’ Julius Caesar muses to Mark Antony about Cassius in a question of loyalty. Now that Kashim Shettima has been unveiled like great Caesar, he most knows those around him better than he would ordinarily overlook the deeds of men. 

Politics attracts men and women with ambition around those with the favour to rule. It is always very difficult or rather impossible to know those who are coming with the fairness of all intentions and those maggots who came to eat up the best in men with blarneys. 

While all of them must be friends to power as it has always been from time in history, the holders of positions must be reminded about history as magnetic as it has always been with people and power. The Greene’s attitude as portrayed in the 48 Laws of Power among courtiers are already in play around Kashim Shettima and this reminded me of the Shakespearean lines of attributes to Caesar in the play Julius Caesar.

The noise is much in his ears and he would have no time to listen to details. Such is always the drama around power, however those words I muses on the pages of history he would read for I know the man by heart. A keen observer that I am and those with stable loyalty feels the move from every side of the board. It is their duty to make the best of their brains in the makings of life as their success is tied to power.

Kashim Shettima: From the steps of the Senate to power

Before now, the APC vice Presidential candidate has been receiving the high and mighty at his Abuja residents. Both Christians and Muslims have come to pay homage. One therefore, wonders of the noise making the rounds about the turn of the party on the Muslim-muslim ticket and the target they have been missing to hit in their insensibility.

Those that have been pushing for disunity along this line never understand the hugger mugger in politics. But politics is stunning in itself as Christians and Muslims leading in their own rights have come to pay homage, support and loyalty in the developing incidences. 

It was very interesting to see the leaders and elders from Benue led by Senator George Akume on the lists of Nigerians with good will moving towards achieving a new Nigeria with Tinubu and Kashim Shettima. 

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The long existing relationships between the people of Borno state and Benue is a pointer to the facts about a recent statement credited to Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah on the nature and attitude of the Nigerian people towards making their own choice as no religion can determine the swing on the people’s mind. Nigerians irrespective of religious standing will stand by those they are comfortable with and millions of them will stand with Tinubu and Kashim Shettima.

Retired General and other top security officers, who came by, I cannot recount. There are many also who bid different services goodbye but remain strong and active in their graceful years. They can give healthy counsels as they have nothing to lose in the expedition of life. Such are supposedly the people to trust however; in them also are the sons of the old one, who never changes in his scheming.

The rise of a new block from the steps of power with Tinubu and Kashim Shettima leading is already attracting strange bedfellows. It was time to rub each other’s shoulders as politicians both small and great came to pay homage and to answer the roll call on Kashim Shettima’s side of the block.

Governors, Senators and the representatives of the people from across Nigeria have led their people on this voyage with many promises for greater support in the days and months ahead. The good ones and those with big hearts in this journey of making the difference we know them.

From Taraba, the APC gubernatorial aspirant, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha has taken a position in which he will deliver on his counts. From Bwacha, the APC is likely to make a greater impact in Taraba than it has done in the time of late Mama Taraba, Senator Aisha Alhassan. This is going to be a plus for the Tinubu /Kashim Shettima ticket going by the records of Senator Bwacha and the relationship he built overtime as representing the people of Taraba state at the red chamber.

Senator Kashim Shettima, APC Vice Presidential Candidate

There are promises to deliver millions of votes for Tinubu/Kashim Shettima led APC. This is coming from those who throw their political weight as they come to greet Shettima. Their antecedent is known in the political arena and surely they are men who worth their onions. There are also those whose words are drained the moment they open their mouth to speak.

Those cannot be mentioned here because words from the lips do not hold water as the saying goes with such. The society we lived in is built around mud bricks and iron. Indeed time reveals which side holds the good grains from the good barn and the barn in which the infestation by caterpillars was reported. 

As I write, I am only doing my part in this journey. It is left for power to see through the call just as Caesar heard the notices. It is always good for the power to screen the call and know how to take the steps in the unfolding events as we have unveiled Kashim Shettima to the public and to criticisms. This is our test for the bigger responsibility and because a wet wicker is not easily broken, we trust that with good friends we can mend fences.

Kashim Shettima: From the steps of the Senate to power

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