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Bakeni Commiserates with NUJ and Zulum over the demise of Isa Gusau



Bakeni Commiserates with NUJ and Zulum over the demise of Isa Gusau

By: Bodunrin Kayode

Borno state Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria CAN Bishop John Bakeni has commiserated with the Nigerian Union of Journalists NUJ over the death of Isa Gusau who died in an Indian hospital recently.

He also sympathized with the Governor of the state Prof Babagana Zulum whom Gusau served till his death due to a protracted illness.

Addressing a news conference in Maiduguri, the Auxiliary Bishop said that the entire Christian community sympathized with the government over the loss of such a resourceful journalist.

” I want on behalf of the entire Christian Community in Borno State to commiserate with the Executive Governor and indeed the Government and the entire people of Borno State over the demise of his Media Aid and Strategist, Mallam Isa Gusau, who passed on Thursday, the 11th of January, 2024.

” I wish to also condole you the members of the 4th estate for the loss of one of you. May God grant him peaceful rest and console all those who mourn him.” he said.

Responding to some very strong allegations in the mills against Zulum on his treatments of Christians, the Auxillary Bishop maintained that CAN was not a pressure group or a partisan party but a peaceful association that goes about its activities in a lawful manner.

To him:”CAN is a religious Association, CAN is not a political party and is non-partisan. CAN is not a pressure group. It is a law-abiding Association. It is an Association that works for the unity of Christians and building a peaceful and harmonious society working hand-in-hand with other religious bodies, Government and all relevant stake holders.

“The values that hold us together are Love, Peace and Justice for all. We preach peace, we uphold peace and we work for peace. And that is why we are living in peace with our Muslim brothers and sisters in Borno State.

” in terms of our relationship with the Government, let me say that CAN and the Christian community have a good and cordial relationship with the Government of the day. The Government of Prof. Babagana Umara Zullum has done a lot for us and is still doing more in the following areas:

“Has continued the rehabilitation and reconstruction of churches that were destroyed by the Boko Haram insurgency especially in Southern Borno. This was started by our current Vice President, Kashim Shettima, during his tenure; and His Excellency, Prof Babagana Umara Zullum has continued in that line.

“Sponsorship of Christians for pilgrimage to the Holy Land every year. In fact, the Executive Secretary and coordinator of the Christian Pilgrim has just returned from a pre-visit of the pilgrimage sites in preparation for the 2023/2024 main pilgrimage.

“Reaching out to the Christian community with gifts and cash donations at Christmas and Easter periods. Palliatives are also given to our Christian Women and Widows by the Wives of the Vice President, Her Excellency Nana Kashim and the Governor, Her Excellency, Dr. Falmata Umara Zullum.

“Sponsoring the transportation of our brothers and sisters from the South-South, South East and West during festive seasons.

” Appointment of our Christian sons and daughters in his cabinet.

“After so many years of advocacy, the current Government has started the recruitment of Christian teachers to teach the Christian religion in public schools and many more.”

Bakeni noted that all his claims are real and verifiable adding that in spite of all the good results from the interaction with the government there are still challenges and they do hope to continue to work hard to get over them.

” That is not to say that Christians have no challenges in Borno State; of course we have. We therefore, want to have more access for better results through dialogue and constructive engagement with the Government and other relevant stakeholders.

” We know very well where we are coming from and where we are in terms of the security challenges. We have all tested and experienced the ugly side of violence and destruction and we will not want to go back to that era.

” We love our Governor, we respect our Governor, and we appreciate the relentless and selfless services and sacrifices of our Governor in restoring peace and bringing development to our State.

” As such, CAN will continue to support the Government of the day and will continue to work with the Government towards sustaining the peace that we are already enjoying due to the hard work, commitment, and responsible leadership of our Governor.”

Obviously responding to the recent statements of Rev Dikwa Kallamu over the alleged maltreatment of Christians in the state, the CAN chair went on:” We distance ourselves from any act of violence and provocation. Whatever is written on Social media or any other media outlet, is not from CAN.

” My principle as the Chairman of CAN in Borno State at this time is that what Dialogue cannot give you, Violence and confrontation cannot give you either.”

On the progress being made by the military in protecting the nation’s democracy, he went on: ” With deep sense of gratitude and appreciation, we salute the courage and the sacrifices of our Armed Forces. For those who have paid the supreme price in the course of their service to their fatherland, may God reward them with eternal life in his kingdom.”

Below is the full details of the press release in which Rev Dikwa accused the Borno State government of completely marginalizing Christians in the state.


The press released on 20 December on the marginalization of the Christian community in Borno State by Governor Zullum was not refuted by either him nor any government officials in the state which affirmed the truth except his wife that called out few widows to share rice a day after for Christmas purposefully for the media to carry it. The only way they refuted was to send thugs after my life like Barrister Bashir Maidugu who called me and put a threat to my life and civilians joint task Force (CJTF) who met me on the road and harassed me but as usual God Almighty saved me to continue exposing the truth.

Let the public court judge, How can a professor and a Governor show tribalism, sectionalism and ethnic segregation like Professor Zulum of Borno State? How many are from Southern Borno and how many are Christians among these political appointments?


Appointment of Special Advicers to Borno State Governor

The Executive Governor of Borno State, His Excellency Prof Babaganagana Umara Zulum has graciously approved the appointment of the following Special Advisers:

  1. Alhaji Ali Makinta Jere
  2. Idrissa L Kemdey
  3. Tijjani Goni Mohammed
  4. Hon Ibrahim Haruna Biu
  5. Hon Tukur Digira
  6. Engr Kori Shettima
  7. Hauwa M Musa
  8. Hon Abubakar Tijjani
  9. Hon Garba Saje
  10. Hon Kester C Oguali
  11. Hon Alao Hassan
  12. Alhaji Audu Maaji
  13. Hon Abba Jato Bama
  14. Hon Abba Saje Mohd Nur
  15. Engr Musa Gashigar
  16. Hon Abba Nguru
  17. Hon Bukar Dalatu
  18. Hon Idrisa Jidda
  19. Shettima Bukar Kulima (Marte)
  20. Hon Kaka Adam Mustapha
  21. Shettima Lawan Maina
  22. Dr Abubakar Hassan
  23. Modu Ali Gana Dikwa
  24. Sheikh Modu Mustapha
  25. Abba Kawu Shehu Abubakar
  26. Hon Musa Abbas
  27. Alhaji Musa Gwamma
  28. Baba Ali Haruna Kukawa
  29. Abdullahi Mohd Nganzai
    Amongst all of the appointees of 29, only

Hon Kester C Oguali is a Christian from the Eastern Nigeria, an Igbo by tribe.
In the threat by the political thugs like Barrister Bashir Maidugu of the Vice president’s crew, he categorically said only four local government in the state have Christian indigenes which are blatant lies from the pit of hell. I’m kanuri by tribe from Maiduguri the state capital and a Christian amongst many kanuri Christians. Going by the Barrister Bashir Maidugu, I ll now ask, have the indigenous Christian from the southern Borno State relocated to the igbo land (Eastern Nigeria) to get a slot from the 29 appointment or still the marginalization?
We condemned on a strong term this total excluding of Christians in the governor’s appointment and Hon Kester C Oguali is not representing any Christians in the state but political strategy to show the world he’s in love with even Christians in the south but marginalized his main duties of inclusive governance.
Let me talk little for now about the LGA Chairman primaries in the State, a Christian dominated area like Chibok has 7 contestants in which 4 are Christians and 3 are Muslims. He disqualified the four Christians and told the 3 Muslims to choose one among themselves, in Askira Uba, the contestants have the highest a Christian with 14 votes followed by a Muslim with 7votes however, Zullum imposed the Muslim candidate with 7 and dropped the Christian with 14, can someone define marginalization for me in different actions than these?

Director, General Center for Justice on Religious And Ethnicity in Nigeria

Bakeni Commiserates with NUJ and Zulum over the demise of Isa Gusau

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Ndume backs Gov Zulum on appealing to FG not to merge NAUB with NDA



Ndume backs Gov Zulum on appealing to FG not to merge NAUB with NDA

……. Says only Act of Parliament has power to scrap NAUB

By: Inusa Ndahi

Southern Borno Senator, Mohammed Ali Ndume has threw more weight behind Governor Babagana Zulum who appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to halt purported merger of the Nigerian Army University Biu, NAUB with Nigerian Defense Academy, NDA in Kaduna.

Recall that the Oronsaye Committee Report (OCR) 2012, hitherto adopted by the federal government seeks to merge or scrap several Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), including institutions with duplicating functions as a means of cutting cost in governance .

Senator Ndume who addressed Journalists in Maiduguri on Friday said, Borno state, and indeed all the other states of the North East are proud of NAUB which was established since 2018, and therefore, for it to be merged or subsumed, it has to be by an Act of Parliament.

Ndume who is the Chief Whip, noted that, NAUB had even graduated it’s first set, while many undergraduates are waiting for graduation and issuance of their statement of results or certificates, stressing that scrapping of such a top civil- military institution is against development and research.

“The NAUB was created out of necessity and to ensure there is civil- military relationship in the North Eastern parts of the country, especially Borno state which has suffered devastation of lives and property due to over decade Boko Haram ( Western Education is Sin) insurgency.

“Secondly, the NAUB is not part of the Oronsaye Report. The OCR was in 2012, while NAUB was established in 2018 by approval of the National Executive with enactment of an appropriate law that backed it up after I sponsored that Bill.

“NAUB is assented to by the then President of the federal republic of Nigeria, and therefore is a law, and only another law can repel or subsume it to become another institution or faculty as the case many be.

“The NDA is purely a military defense institution to train Military Officers, be it Army, Navy or Airforce, while 75% of the students’ population in NAUB are civilians studying various degree courses in the existing six (6) faculties that are fully accredited by the Nigeria Universities Commission, NUC. Therefore you cannot merge this University with and institution that is purely mandated to train Military Officers.

“To this end, our Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum has already made the position of Borno State Government clear by appealing to the President or the federal government to back track on its matter, considering the fact that Borno has only one federal university/institution in Maiduguri serving the whole North East, before establishment of NAUB, compared to other states that has many federal institutions.

“In addition, NAUB is also established in order to carter for admitting all Nigerians irrespective of where they came from. Let me give you an example, our neighbouring Adamawa state is currently having two federal universities, one in Jimeta-Yola and the other is located in Mubi.

“Infact, even on 29th February 2024, the Senate passed a bill for establishment of federal university of technology in Ilaro, Ogun state. Several federal universities which were established have not been included in the merger, and we see no reason why NAUB will be merged with NDA.

“We just held an emergency meeting with Borno Elders, including those from Southern Borno where the University is located. We deliberated and came up with a position similar to that of our Governor, so we are going to write our resolution to the federal government under the leadership of President Bola Tinubu to delist NAUB from the merger.

“This is very important because, and I want to use this opportunity to call on the people of southern Borno Senatorial District to remain calm and be law abiding, as we strive to ensure justice.” Ndume stated.

Ndume backs Gov Zulum on appealing to FG not to merge NAUB with NDA

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UNODC, Denmark Collaborate to Boost War Against Maritime Crimes in Nigeria



UNODC, Denmark Collaborate to Boost War Against Maritime Crimes in Nigeria

By: Michael Mike

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), with funding from the Danish Government has built a Ship-in-a-Box (SIAB) simulator at the Joint Maritime Security Training Centre (JMSTC); to boost the war against maritime crimes in the country.

A statement on Friday by the UNODC said: “Maritime piracy, including kidnapping and robbery at sea, while in decline in the Gulf of Guinea, remains a threat, as groups involved seem to have moved at least for the time being into more lucrative and less risky markets. Oil theft, oil bunkering and related offences on the other hand experience a revival with devastating consequences for people and the environment. Moreover, multiple recent large-scale seizures suggest that trafficking by sea in all its forms persists. Illegal drugs, falsified medicines, small arms and light weapons, illegally harvested wildlife, and forest products as well as persons are being trafficking into, out of and within the region.”

The statement added that: “While reports of spectacular arrests and seizures should be interpreted as a sign of improved intelligence sharing and interception capacities of security and law enforcement authorities across the region, stakeholders shouldn’t rest on their oars because syndicate crime groups are constantly devising innovative ways to maneuvre established systems.”

The statement said: “To significantly enhance the skills and preparedness of maritime law enforcement officers to operate more efficiently and contribute to safer seas and maritime security, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), through the funding from the Danish Government, built a Ship-in-a-Box (SIAB) simulator at the Joint Maritime Security Training Centre (JMSTC); a facility which was commissioned February 28 in Lagos, Nigeria.”

It explained that: “The Ship-in-a-Box (SIAB) simulator provides a critical additional training infrastructure to enhance the capacity of military and civilian maritime law enforcement personnel in the conduct of Visit, Board, Search and Seizure Operations. It will help to improve the quality and frequency of training, while reducing costs as well as safety risks associated with the conduct of exercises at sea.

The statement said in stressing the importance of the facility and the UNODC approach to tackling maritime crime, the Country Representative of UNODC, Oliver Stolpe, at the commissioning said “While the Ship-in-a-Box undoubtedly will further strengthen our collective response to maritime crime, it represents only one element of a holistic approach. At UNODC we are of the firm conviction that an integrated strategy which combines elements of security, rule of law and prevention that will eventually guarantee a peaceful and prosperous maritime domain for the benefit of the countries and the people of the Gulf of Guinea.”

According to the Danish Ambassador to Nigeria , Sune Krogstrup robust and strategic partnerships can undoubtedly boost efforts to revolutionize the capacity of maritime personnel and enable safer seas and maritime ecosystem.

He said: “Confronting these challenges necessitates collective action to boost maritime security and ensure the unhindered flow of trade and the safety of lives at sea, aligning with various national, regional, and international frameworks. Denmark remains steadfast in its commitment through the Danish Maritime Security Programme (DMSP) to enhance the capabilities of national and regional institutions to secure the Gulf of Guinea and facilitate safe maritime passage.”

While thanking UNODC and the Government of Denmark as well as acknowledging our many years of substantial partnership, Rear Admiral P.C. Nwatu who represented the Chief of Naval Staff, added “The Nigerian Navy acknowledges the many years of collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to strengthen institutional and organizational capacities of member states to check criminality at sea. We are happy to lend our support to the improvement of the maritime law enforcement skills of other agencies both in Nigeria and our neighboring countries to enhance bilateral and multilateral joint actions in securing our individual and common maritime spaces. We therefore appreciate UNODC’s recent initiative through the Ship-in -a- Box programme and the Government of Denmark for funding it and pledge our continued support and cooperation.”

UNODC provided normative, analytical and operational assistance to Member States for strengthening the effectiveness, fairness and accountability of their criminal justice institutions to tackle crime, corruption and terrorism. This also aligns with UNODC’s Strategic Vision for Nigeria.

UNODC, Denmark Collaborate to Boost War Against Maritime Crimes in Nigeria

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VP Shettima Receives New Board of Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission



VP Shettima Receives New Board of Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission

  • Charges members on steadfastness, devotion to duty

By: Our Reporter

Vice President Kashim Shettima has asked the newly appointed Board of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC) to demonstrate unwavering devotion to duty.

Addressing the delegation who came on a courtesy visit in the Presidential Villa, VP Shettima reminded the board members of the importance of religious commitment in addressing the challenges facing the nation.

The Vice President also acknowledged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s positive impact on the nation, attributing the President’s success to divine blessings and purity of his heart.

He stated: “The road that led us to the Tinubu Presidency did not happen by chance. This is a man whose trajectory is characterized by making sacrifices for the good of the nation.”

Highlighting Tinubu’s role as a sanctuary for victims of political persecution, VP Shettima said the need for leaders to invest in building bridges can never be wished away, noting President Tinubu’s contributions in providing an alternative platform for the Nigerian political system.

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu made sacrifices and built bridges. He was a veritable sanctuary for victims of political witch hunts. When other governors were struggling to have a seat at the dining table with Obasanjo way back then, he provided an alternative platform for the Nigerian political system,” the Vice President said.

Addressing the appointed board members, Shettima said, “All of you here were picked because of your religious devotion. We cannot condone what is taking place in the system. We must all strive to make a positive impact to attain the Nigeria of our dreams.”

Earlier, the Executive Secretary of NCPC, Bishop Stephen Adegbite, expressed gratitude to President Tinubu for the opportunity to serve on the board.

He also commended the Vice President’s exceptional leadership, recounting instances of support for the church and efforts to foster peace and harmony in Borno State.

“Your antecedent and what we have known about you are immense. When we came to Maiduguri, Borno State, I was the Director of National Issues and Social Welfare at the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). The then CAN chairman in Borno State said to us that they have an exceptional governor, who supported Christians and rebuilt churches destroyed by Boko Haram,” he said.

He added that Vice President Shettima stood with the Church and ensured that there was peace and harmony in the church in Nigeria and with people of other faiths.

Bishop Adegbite also noted that the commission’s role goes beyond pilgrimage as it extends to the duty of ensuring a harmonious environment for the nation.

“For us as a commission, our assignment is beyond pilgrimage. It is our duty and responsibility to ensure that we have a harmonious environment for our nation, to build bridges and ensure that there is peace and harmony in Nigeria,” he stated.

VP Shettima Receives New Board of Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission

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