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Biu Celebrates Kadafur: The Beginning Of A New Dawn in Borno

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Biu Celebrates Kadafur: The Beginning Of A New Dawn in Borno

By: Yusuf Adamu

The Professor Babagana Umara Zulum led administration has continued to work towards making Borno state great again. The vision nurtured by the former Borno state governor and current Nigeria’s Vice President, Kashim Shettima sets the Zulum and Kadafur administration on a good path when they came in 2019. After fours years of indelible foot prints, the government sets a record of untold development magnitude putting Borno state on a world map.

It was as a result of this that despite political hurdles, particularly in southern Borno during the just concluded elections that the Zulum/Kadafur movement emerged victorious in the end. The duo of Zulum and Kadafur who worked as a formidable team takes every political ground with a storm. While the governor was super sweeping the northern Borno side to gain the approval of the electorates, his deputy Usman Kadafur crisscross the southern Borno part of the state in a glorious way making opposition tactics looks like a child’s play.

Southern Borno was captured by the APC to return Zulum and Kadafur in the position of leadership owing to the many achievements by the Professor Zulum led administration. The mammoth crowd that greeted every step taken by Hon. Usman Kadafur in the days of campaigns through the victorious outcome speaks volume on account of their achievements in the southern part of Borno state.

Both Zulum and Kadafur has been passionate to see that the southern Borno and indeed Borno state as a whole enjoy the dividends of democracy to the fullest. They have given attention to the yearnings of the people by ensuring the provision of their campaign promises when they came in the last four years and have now began a new day with the people of Borno state through their continuous dedication to move the state from one pillar of glory to another in their determination to make Borno state great again.

We the stakeholders in southern Borno have come together under the leadership of the deputy governor, Hon. Usman Kadafur to show loyalty and respect for the facts that we all know the government has put in place for our people. We have supported all the moves made by the Zulum and Kadafur administration on the conclusion of the assignment to deliver southern Borno for APC and we are happy we have been part of this progress and new beginning in Borno state.


There is no doubt that the Zulum and Kadafur administration will do better in the coming years as he has done in the area of youths development, establishment of hospital, schools and what have you across the southern Borno. The governor and his deputy are men of their words. They know their onions when they make promises and no one would take this from them. They have been very accessible to the people and lead in the place of leadership with such transparency of oath they took to govern the state with equity, justice and peace.

This is the beginning of a news era. The deputy governor was yesterday hosted in Biu Local Government Area in celebration of his Victory following all that I mentioned earlier. It was once again a gathering of the eagles. This was to show him that he has done well and the people are with him. We have been working as a formidable team and with him as our leader in southern Borno there is nothing that we can wish for that this administration cannot deliver to us.

His coming to Biu has also revived the almost lost culture of the people as traditional rulers from all the surrounding villages turnout to celebrate him in the most traditional way evoking the cultural heritage of our people. This demonstration of love has rekindle the unity of our people and help in reminding us that we have a culture of togetherness as people of southern Borno and that it is important that we keep it.

Despite the fact that he is the youngest amongst us, he has kept a level head in place of leadership and we all enjoy being his walls of support and respectful followed his leadership. He has demonstrated such qualities that makes him to have the respect, and you can see that from the crowd that welcomes him to Biu town.

Biu Celebrates Kadafur: The Beginning Of A New Dawn in Borno

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