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CRC: Checkmating Unprofessional Conduct for Public Confidence

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CRC: Checkmating Unprofessional Conduct for Public Confidence

By: Balami Lazarus

I read newspapers and magazines obsessively, both online and in print, and I keep them in my collection. Of course, one who only believed in the Nigerian Project, which was distributed and carried out by the three levels of government massed in Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), indicated advancements and innovations in our country’s development procedures and brought citizens closer to government in terms of the provision of social infrastructure and other basic services, which the state is mandated to provide.

Let’s now take a closer look at the police as a primary provider of public services to the general population. I have a good relationship with the police as a law-abiding Nigerian, both personally and at the organizational level. Therefore, to some length, I knew them, their challenges, and what they were passing through as officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF). Notwithstanding, I had seen and heard much of their good works, locking my ears on what people were saying about the black sheep among them—a typical characteristic of organizations or a family unit where such sheep are found too.

Similarly, over the years, not much has been said or brought to the public domain through the media about the good works of our police except scorn and sardonic negativity leveled at them. And this has blindfolded most Nigerians from seeing, expecting, or appreciating the activities of NPF as a major government agency charged with the responsibilities of internal security, protection of life and property, law and order, and maintaining and sustaining peaceful co-existence among the good people of Nigeria, who are known for their peace- loving tolerance among themselves and other non-Nigerians and equally forgiving in their nature, credited with settling their differences.

I personally see the police as one big, large ‘bin’ where all sorts of things are heaped in by the members of the public, especially the bad and the ugly ones, but never the good ones. A man bought a car for his private or personal use, and during the process of buying and taking possession, he or she never involved the police to ‘wash’ and rejoice with him, but if the car is stolen or missing, he reports it to the police to find it for him. But these are the same law enforcement agents you disliked or hated calling names. Haba! What an irony!

Whether we like it or not, good or bad, as an organization, the police have become an essential part of our system of people’s government. The great good things about this responsible, constituted authority, NPF, that has been with us before and after the making of the Nigerian nation are enormous, with her large, powerful elephant stomp an indication of her presence and authority within the country and in our national life.

The recent appointment of a fine police officer, Kayode Adeolu Egbetokum, PhD, NPM, as Inspector General of Police, who promised to restore professionalism in the conduct of his men and officers in their official duties and engagements to checkmate unprofessional behaviors through existing units like the Complaint Response Unit (CRC), This is a green light for the Force as people-oriented police, where they are expected to be more civil in their contacts and interactions with the members of the public who are supposed to be the third eye of The Force in policing.

The passage of time and seasons are healers for every situation a nation is passing through. The creation of the Complaint Response Unit, known as the CRC, by the admirable officer gentleman and former retired IGP Dr. Solomon Arase, who is the present Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), CRC came into existence in 2015 as one of his good works.

CRC: Checkmating Unprofessional Conduct for Public Confidence

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