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By: Yusuf Adamu

Borno state governor, Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum, has changed the narrative once again by taking the lead. In his usual character, he has displayed his unique leadership and governance style and unleashed his people-oriented programs, among others, to cushion the effect of subsidy removal amongst the people of the state.

As the good people of Borno State, we are lucky to have him as our leader. May Allah (SWT) continue to guide and protect him as he stirs the affairs of the state to greater heights.

Borno State has been one of the state’s worst hit by the insurgency, a situation that has lasted for over a decade and resulted in the collapse of all state sectors and structures, adding to the loss of lives and properties.

Amidst this condition of recovery from insurgence, COVID-19 and the Naira Re-design Policy emerge in 2019–20 and 2023, respectively. These further worsen the cost and standard of living because the prices of food have increased.

Even non-food items are not exempt, but the Governor has been a strong pillar for the people, especially through his palliative care programs.

With the removal of fuel subsidies by the Federal Government owing to their exclusion in the 2023 appropriation bill, the cost of items further recorded an upward trajectory, which has made the cost of living difficult, especially for the people of the state.

Though the government has proposed a palliative of N500 billion, which is to be distributed among 12 million Nigerians and others for SMEs, farmers, and manufacturers, which was captured in the president’s recent address to the nation,

Our proactive governor never waited. He took the bull by the horn and moved ahead to launch and distribute the state palliatives with a target of 300,000 households with about 6 persons per H/H to reach about 1,800,000 people in need.


Among these palliatives are the following: 80 vehicles were released to ease the transportation costs, which were made up of 50 luxurious buses and 30 pick-up vans for free transportation of farmers and their produce. Distribution of Food and Non-Food items such as Bags of rice, spaghetti, maize grains, wrappers for women and N5,000 each to 23,000 households ( i.e., 13,000 households in Baga town, 3,500 at cross Kauwa and 6,500 in Doro Baga) in  Baga town of Kukawa LGA, Distribution of Food and Non-Food items to over 300,000 IDPs at muna camp the state capital. Shares 400 resettlement houses at Molai, which capture communities like Maibukarti, Jibrinti, Mainari Shuwa, Mainari Kanuri, and Tilori.

Each household received rice, maize, mats, wrappers, and cash. Governor Zulum single-handedly doles out this rich bouquet of palliatives. As this goes around the state, especially to the 1,800,000 persons in need as identified, it will go a long way in relieving them from poverty, improving their standard of living, and reducing crimes, which will invariably have a positive spillover effect on the economy of the state.

*Hon. Yusuf Adamu writes from Maiduguri.


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