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Governor Mala gets more votes from Yobe south senatorial district – Damagum

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Governor Mala gets more votes from Yobe south senatorial district – Damagum

By: Yahaya Wakili

The Acting Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Yobe state chapter, Alhaji Ibrahim Daushe Damagum has said that 75% of the people who vote Governor Mai Mala Buni are from Yobe South Senatorial district (Zone B).

Alhaji Ibrahim Daushe Damagum who is also the Chairman Hausa/Fulani Association zone B as well as stakeholders Fune local government started this in Damagum while answering questions from the Newsmen.

” Governor Mai Mala Buni is my mentor for over thirty years and if you conducted the first election if you didn’t face the challenges you will not knowing the irrigularities to correct it.” Daushe said.

He revealed that, in the past four years of administration of Governor Mai Mala Buni in Yobe state, he try his best because people were surprised with his little age and he come one time nobody expect that he will perform well but he perform very excellent.

Alhaji Ibrahim Daushe Damagum maintained that, governor Mai Mala Buni is lucky he got the people of Yobe state loves him and he too he love them and they conducted the election at the same time he won the election in 2019 and he formed the government hundred percent successfully.

“In reality in Yobe state we have a kind of people that they will show you they know everything, they know better than you and Governor Mai Mala Buni is a very simple person if you come with your request he will not say no and he don’t want to chit any body that is why because of his simplicity even some people said let us do anty party what will happen and they did it and nothing happened to them.” The PRO said.

“Because they know Governor Mai Mala Buni is a person who can not talk, infact my fear is in 2027. In 2027 inshallah we and him we are going to struggle to bring a competent person who will replace him as governor of Yobe state under our great party Apc to me is better now to screen those who are saying that we are together but there are sabotaging us.

“25th February, elections has shocked us in Yobe state and this sabotuers are in the government the governor knows them but God knows that the heart of the governor and ours is clean so in the March election God help us we won the election but there is something wrong going round.” he added.

The Chairman Hausa/Fulani further revealed that, there are some big men who are holding a big position in the government but the votes come from their areas didn’t martch with the position there are occupied in the government.

Alhaji Ibrahim Daushe Damagum maintained that there are some people who surrounding the governor and they don’t want any body to come close to him and there are not helping him there are only chitting him, this people there are even follow him to Abuja, to Damaturu and even to Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, this time around when he constituted his new government, we would sit down with him and advice him to flush out this unpatriotic elements that surrounding him.

Governor Mala gets more votes from Yobe south senatorial district – Damagum

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