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Kashim Shettima: When Coalition Of Middle Belt Youths Spoke In Ignorance

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Kashim Shettima: When Coalition Of Middle Belt Youths Spoke In Ignorance

By: James Bwala

While discussing issues regarding the tenth Assembly, they should know that there is no basis for comparing the activity of the legislative branch, which enacts laws, with the executive branch, which puts them into effect. But there is a crucial relationship that facilitates both the creation and application of laws. Due to the sensitivity of the call or correction he was trying to make regarding the leadership of the 10th National Assembly, a coalition of middle belt youths insinuated that Senator Kashim Shettima had denigrated Christianity. I believe this was a result of some politician’s desire to obstruct anything that would be beneficial to the general populace.

Kashim Shettima remains a unifying factor in the ongoing arrangements to make better a system that works for everyone including those warning him over the current happenings on the Speakership of the 10th Assembly where they are going the rough road to cleaning for now. As a leader, he sees a reason to speak to correct certain misgivings that may arises in the he future if the National Assembly should be allowed to rob the electorates of the same faith syndrome that the Nigerian state is already crying wolf over the party’s painful decision to go with the same faith in the case of the Tinubu, Kashim Shettima’s election.


This was not the first time it had occurred in this nation. No one is also in favor of a situation where a choice like this may be implemented, as it was during the APC’s bid for the 2023 ticket. Any rational person understands that, given the circumstances that led to the election of Tinubu and Shettima, even their harshest detractors will vote for them. Therefore, the coalition of middle belt youths must stop blaming others and comprehend the political environment that contributed to Kashim Shettima’s election as Nigeria’s vice president-elect.

Coalition Of Middle Belt Youths

Furthermore, if these young people—who are speaking in the name of a coalition of Middle Belt Youths—are going to speak on behalf of the entire region, they shouldn’t use sensationalism in their delivery. Kashim Shettima’s thesis as it was made in the argument they are bringing over for debate has not been criticized by the CAN or other Christian organisation that should speak for Christians. Even if they do, it will just be the result of ongoing negotiations between certain promoters of division or fuel for those who are continuously agitating the political system to work in their favor.

I again listened to the Coalition of Middle Belt Youths’ statement as it was delivered on Thursday, May 18, 2023 and the leader’s subsequent justifications. It is regrettable that this is happening now, when the public should be recovering from whatever political decisions may have been influenced by in the run-up to the general elections of 2023. They keep mentioning superior candidates like Dogara or other prominent Christians and urging Kashim Shettima to resign for reasons like these, but they would have done better for themselves if they had been humble enough to approach Dogara or anyone else they believe to be a Christian and explain the Biblical justification for the APC’s political choices that led to Kashim Shettima becoming the next vice president.

Making the riskiest choice to parade the same religious ticket took the party, the APC, a long time and much sorrow. Furthermore, as politics is not a religion, all faiths are represented in political parties. A politician’s ability to play a role in his party is also important because nothing comes to them for free. So, if someone has any doubts about the search that placed Shettima in second place, he or she should do themselves a favor and thoroughly examine the pattern that guided some of the judgments made and be honest with themselves.

Because of his involvement and success in the game, Kashim Shettima, a Nigerian, has every right to pursue any governmental post. Similar to how a team needs its finest player to win a game of football, not a religious player for the sake of balance. We are aware of the troublemakers determined to restore ancient Nigeria to its former glory. But no matter what they do, individuals who have a strong faith in God have prayed for the best, and God has answered our prayers. Those who pray for God’s WILL but are forcing God to operate in accordance with their own WILL should be aware that God is not the cause of confusion.

Kashim Shettima: When Coalition Of Middle Belt Youths Spoke In Ignorance

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