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Kashim Shettima @ 56:  An extraordinary leader forged in the theatre of challenges. 

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Kashim Shettima @ 56:  An extraordinary leader forged in the theatre of challenges. 

By: James Bwala

Perhaps the APC Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has seen beyond where the simple mind can go in the choice of the former Borno state governor and Senator representing Borno Central in the red chambers to be his running mate. Through the struggles that produced him (Tinubu) as the flag bearer of APC to finding himself between the devil and the blue sea in the choice he made. One thing Nigerians cannot deny the APC National Leader is that he has the capacity to see with ordinary eyes.

While he was left in the valley of decision, many were looking at his age and health translating it to his focus mind in taking decisions. Many had thought that Tinubu lacked the ability to think beyond his surroundings. But they fail to understand that iron tested by fire can produce an arrow sharp enough to bring down an elephant. When the deed was done, the situation that moved to announcing Shettima left a lot of political calculations unanswered.

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By the time they realize the mystery guiding his decision, Tinubu has gone miles away and is only preparing for the next steps. He had said it over and over that he had come prepared with the vest to carry all kinds of hits but they never understood him. Experience goes with practice and practice with age brings better results.

On his 56th birthday, the Presidential Candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC , Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, had while extolling the virtues of his running mate, Senator Kashim Shettima, indeed open up the minds of the decening on why he picked the former Borno state governor by describing Shettima as “a bold, courageous, selfless, brilliant and committed leader who led his people through the most difficult and challenging period as Governor of Borno State, when the state was under Boko Haram siege”.

Tinubu noted that Shettima did not allow the menace of Boko Haram terrorism to overwhelm him, adding that he showed exemplary leadership and fought for his people.

His words: “I heartily congratulate my brother and worthy partner, Senator Kashim Shettima, on attaining 56 in good health. I am excited about his energy, dynamism and readiness to serve our country at the center as Vice President. Senator Shettima is an extraordinary leader forged in the theatre of challenges. He led a heroic struggle as he forged ahead in the service of our country.” 

Indeed for those who have been following the antecedents of the former Borno state governor and APC Vice Presidential Candidate, there is no doubt to conclude that while many did not see him in the realm of power, Tinubu as the ‘Hausas’ would say, ” Abin da babba ya gani a’ zamne ko yaro ya hau kan bishiya baya iya ganin ta.” meaning what the Elder sees while in his sitting position even if a child climbs the tree he will not see. This also exposes the fact that leadership indeed is not lifting a bag of cement.

Kashim Shettima @ 56:  An extraordinary leader forged in the theatre of challenges. 

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