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Nigeria’s VP 2023: Kashim Shettima has come to stay

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Nigeria’s VP 2023: Kashim Shettima has come to stay

By: James Bwala

There are numerous reasons why roosters may crow. The wake-up crow is the most popular explanation. They merely use this as a means to say good morning and send the flocks foraging. To warn their flock or declare a territorial border, roosters can also crow. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate for the All Progressive Congress (APC), is aware of the duties of leadership.

As a leader, he, like the roosters, has made it abundantly clear before, during and after the announcement of the former Borno state governor Kashim Shettima as his most preferred choice to hold the office of the Vice President if elected in 2023. 

APC Vice Presidential Candidate, Senator Kashim Shettima

He made such announcement as a wakeup call crow and indeed made it as a warning to those who are clamouring for detracting of the party on the Muslim-Muslim ticket but also forgotten that the opportunity given to them is that Nigeria has many political party where they can equally display their franchise. So, why are they aggressively agitating over APC political decisions? 

Intrigues in politics are as old fashioned as the game but in Nigeria, bringing religion into politics remains the cancer that has continued to eat the fabric of Nigerian society. This is where we found ourselves with growing hatred over what we so sanction on ourselves as a move against us for fear according to section of the country and for interest as other sections of the country believed.

If we are driven by fear, why then should they just live by their faith? Unless we are not just as we claim. I see some Nigerians making transported comments out of fear give the impression that makes them open to the saying that the guilty are afraid and run like they are currently running their mouth given every opportunity and running when no one is pursuing them.

If we are driven by interest, the country has provided a level playing field where every interest can be accommodated in the journey for the top job in 2023. Unless we have some primordial intentions, which is born out of what we know as selfishness and this word is condemnable by both teaching from the religious angels we all claimed to be standing for.

Despite the clamour and agitations, I see hundreds of thousands of supporters, meaning the electorates chanting in favour of Tinubu, Kashim Shettima in the race than the electorates are seen doing for other candidates especially the PDP, Labour party and NNPP candidates, who appeared appealing to other Nigerians. So, this gives me the understanding that the APC is winning the 2023 Presidential elections.

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Kashim Shettima is a man of few words but a deep thinker and when he speaks it convinces even the stony heart. These politicians sponsoring the call for APC to move towards their own directions of thinking are not only afraid of Kashim Shettima’s firmness in the position but they also know that with someone like Shettima beside Tinubu there are slim likelihood that they can form a cabal that control the decisions of the President if Tinubu takes the seat after President Muhammadu Buhari.

It was a clear message, because prior to the announcement of Kashim Shettima as the Presidential running mate, they know that the possibility for the APC to play the Muslim-muslim card has been there. This was largely due to the in-activeness of those who wanted power to be given to them on a platter. 

Many of those sneaking and slipping notes for reconsideration of the choice for VP for Tinubu are the same people who could not give him the much needed support during his campaign to become the party’s candidate. They are also the same people cross-carpeting ideas with oppositions to mock Tinubu over his age and health situation while playing gods on divine arrangements.

Nigeria’s VP 2023: Kashim Shettima has come to stay

Kashim Shettima has come stronger in the race for Tinubu’s emergence. He appeared constantly lovable by groups of supporters and his followership was growing on tally on grounds more than the appearance of a few individuals making comments on Facebook. Politics is played on ground and in practical terms and note in theories. The Nigerian state has presented a level playing field and that is for people to obtain PVC and stand at the point of elections to elect their preferred candidates.

While the PDP particularly has no clear coast on the move for 2023 following the enragement between its party leadership, the old factor hoaxes may not play on people with many ideas about politics today than what was obtained in the 80s and after the return of democracy in 1999. No matter the intrigues, politics as displayed by Tinubu in the choice of Kashim Shettima reveals that the man is in total control of his senses and that is what is required of a leader who can lead. Those who are yet to put their houses in order have no sense to lead.

Nigeria’s VP 2023: Kashim Shettima has come to stay

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