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By: Inuwa Bwala

The later day soothsayers who predicted that 29th May. 2023 was going to pass as a date, but without the inauguration of Senators Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Kashim Shettima , as President and Vice Present, must be running away from their clients by now, for deceiving them.

Not only have they been proven wrong with the inauguration having taken place with a huge success, but that the duo seem to have surmounted all obstacles placed on their paths to the villa.

Those of us who witnessed the crescendo of the June 12, 1993 crises could see to the fact that, it this one is also a passing phase and Nigeria and Nigerians will survive it.

Almost all the permutations, even by so-called pundits who seem to lack sense of history do not have any concord with the realities on ground.

Some of the analysis and the attendant vile propaganda were skewed and reflect a deep seated mischief, and shallow understanding of trends in global democratic practice.

Very often when attempts by those who know Kashim Shettima very well for example:to counter the vile narratives and propaganda draw invectives.

Amongst the several narratives propagated against Kashim Shettima, which is now a subject of banters: was to try linking the Vice President with Boko Haram insurgency, as the sponsor, rather than as a victim.

Some: without an iota of knowledge or idea about the issue, advance arguments that tend to stand the truth on its head.

At every turn, since Kashim Shettima was nominated as the running mate to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, several attempts have been made to malign him, injure his reputation, embarrass him or to subject him to public ridicule, but at every turn he devised ways of responding: not using the same means, but employing reason, logics and superior approach, leaving his trauducers flat.

Very often when you call his attention to the obscenities people said about him and Boko Haram, Kashim Shettima will smile and joke with it, knowing that it was the usual politics, associated with the politics of most rising political stars.

I believe those who always use attacking Shettima as some form of trade, must have realized the futility of their vocation and virtually out of business: now that Shettima has survived all their antics.

But before I close. I have a good news for those who may want to repent and embrace the reality of our time. Kashim Shettima’s biggest weakness is that, he easily forgives and does not hold one’s past against one.

Some of us who had cause to offend him before and seamlessly got reabsorbed with him can attest to the fact that, those who feel they have maligned him could as well become his friends, once there is genuine repentance.

One fact we all have to live with, either as friends of Kashim Shettima or his assumed goes: is the fact that we owe our country a duty to come together and work for it’s good.

Very often, this has been the message of the Vice President and it is left for those who understand him to sheath their swords,; now that he has succeeded against all the odds and has opened a window for forgiveness and love.


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