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The Renewed Hope Partnership: How Tinubu, Shettima Are Changing Narratives In Governance

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The Renewed Hope Partnership: How Tinubu, Shettima Are Changing Narratives In Governance

By: James Bwala

Unquestionable leadership deficiencies, criminal activity, widespread political corruption, poor governance, incompetent leadership, and state failure to address a number of issues have all contributed to Nigeria’s loss of regional leadership and its negative image around the world. As a result, its hegemonic clout on the continent has been steadily declining.

Nigeria continues to rank poorly on all global indices, including the Corruption Perception Index, Global Poverty Index, Global Terrorism Index, Global Peace Index, and the Corruption Perception Index, despite numerous attempts to reverse this decline. Nigeria’s international reputation has also been damaged by the participation of Nigerians abroad in cyber fraud and drug-related crimes, as well as the low rating of the Nigerian passport, which exposes citizens traveling with the regular green passport to harassment by border guards around the world. Thanks to the absence of leadership collaboration.

Many Nigerians think that new corruption always emerges after a change in leadership. However, it appeared that the new leadership was pursuing its goal of giving the populace new hope. The Tinubu-Shettima presidency is viewed as the answer to prayers, even though there are still plenty of doubters with their ideas.

While historically the vice president has lagged behind the president in making decisions, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu made it clear to anyone who wanted to stick with the old myths that the vice president is just a spare tire that in the administration of renewed hope, the relationship between the two is one of partnership. Gbam! So, take note, all you “Gulmati.”

President Bola Tinubu

In fact, this government is meeting its commitment to get things done right away, and we have seen that it has done so less than 30 days after taking the oath of office.

It should be recalled that Eniola Ehinafe, the director general of the Conference of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Kashim Shettima National Support Groups, predicted that the incoming administration would disappoint its detractors by boosting the economy of the country more than was anticipated. According to Ehinafe, the president and his vice president are both politicians and technocrats with the knowledge and skills necessary to help the nation overcome its current problems.

The Renewed Hope Partnership: How Tinubu, Shettima Are Changing Narratives In Governance

With the appointments made thus far under the Tinubu and Shettima administrations, we can see that Ehinafe’s statements were accurate. Nobody has criticized the President’s selections. Many Nigerians also thought that this was the best thing to have happened to their country in a long-time following independence. 

Many people have also noted that the Tinubu administration has arrived to repair the scars left by the previous administration on Nigerians. They noted that the selection of the service chief has brought about balance in Nigerians’ expectations, who felt shortchanged by previous appointments of the past era that were lopsided.


Yesterday, a colleague asked for my opinion on his reports on the new service chiefs. “How do you see their capability to continue where their predecessors stopped and to end the security challenges in the country?” was the question he posed. I informed him that they are men of honor because I had researched their backgrounds, notably CDS Gen. Musa, whom I knew as Maiduguri’s Theatre Commander for Operation Hadin Kai.

I assured him that I had no reason to question their ability to manage the security issues facing the nation. They are familiar with the system and the accomplishments of their forebears, so I am convinced they have what it takes to make a difference.

Vice President, Kashim Shettima

Nearly all Nigerians who took the time to evaluate the personalities of the new service chiefs agreed with that response. Both the president and the vice president in this partnership have recognized the need to alter the narratives around administration; as a result, in their wisdom, they have created something special for Nigerians, known as the leadership that listened.

To take a course and use it effectively, you need leadership with experience. The administration of Tinubu and Shettima is properly prepared. As the administration brings optimism to the people’s doorsteps, every action taken is a huge step toward releasing Nigeria and Nigerians from the bonds of poverty. I read the summaries of all the appointments that have been made thus far, and I can say with confidence that this is very unusual.

President Tinubu, an accountant and financial wizard, is the president of Nigeria. He may have a governance plan in place, and his actions to date have shown that he is certain that Nigeria will become even more powerful under his leadership.

The vice president, Shettima, remains a man of honor with such a unique leadership quality. His intelligence always confuses negative people with the facts of reality, and they often misunderstand him, but they cannot deny the fact that Shettima is simple, experienced, and very calculative when delivering his massages.

The upcoming appointments will further position this government on the path to prosperity even as it continues to make orderly progress. The reorganization that is currently taking place in certain top government organizations, formerly thought of as a floating pool for the sons and daughters of the high and mighty in society, has given many Nigerians who spoke about the administration newfound optimism.

The Renewed Hope Partnership: How Tinubu, Shettima Are Changing Narratives In Governance

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