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UMTH Out Reach Centre Potiskum Moves To Accommodate 80 Bed Space

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UMTH Out Reach Centre Potiskum Moves To Accommodate 80 Bed Space

By: Yahaya Wakili

The Medical Director of the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital out reach center Potiskum, Dr Sha’aibu Sale said the hospital is set to commission more wards to accommodate 80 bed space. Adding that 23 wards are targetted with each of the ward taking at least 3 to 4 beds on the average.

Dr Sha’aibu Sale disclosed this in an interview with the Newsmen in his office in Potiskum, Yobe state.

“We have consultation room, radiology section, we have a full functional state of arts facilities theater, our laboratory is functional, we have ambulance in case of emergency facilities and we have so many merchineries.

“I will categorically said this hospital interm of facilities in Potiskum local government at my own level is the best and we have appreciated what Senator Muhammed Hassan Dambu has done.

He said, initially the challenges we have is that of manpower which the Chief Medical Director has already thought out ways, because right now we have about 4 Doctors, 9 nurses. I have also submitted some CV to him and he is on process to increasing more manpower.

“This hospital is a branch of University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital we expect specialist services to be provided and in the few weeks to come we still have specialists doctors to come and provide all the necessary services, even now we do run antinatal as well as ultra scan to services all patients.

According to him, on the average for out patients we receive about 40 to 50 at present. We have about 4 to 5 patients on admission which for a hospital like this we expected to be more because we have manpower available.

“Other thing is accommodation for our staff, our CMD is building a staff quarters which is almost 80 to 90% completion, this hospital we have about 40 to 50 staff the accommodation there may not be enough, we are expecting specialist doctors to be coming, so if the local government will actually help to provide more accommodation to us at least that will go along way to solve this issue.

Dr Sha’aibu Sale revealed that, Potiskum local government compare to Maiduguri on electricity supply is fairly good in 24 hours and we have a functional generator, adding that, the main challenges is getting publicity and enlightening people on our services.

UMTH Out Reach Centre Potiskum Moves To Accommodate 80 Bed Space

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