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When UMTH Is Leading The Way In Trauma Care

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By: Balami Lazarus

The establishment of the Muhammadu Buhari Trauma Center was timely for the residents of Borno state, the northeast, and Nigeria in general. The insurgency that nearly paralyzed medical operations in the northeast after law and order collapsed ushers in a new period of health issues for the state long regarded as the “home of peace,” but it would not have been said otherwise. The cumulative effect of numerous incidents has led to a worrying situation where many people need help returning to normality due to trauma concerns.

There is no doubt that the illnesses that have plagued the area and created panic, terror, injuries, and deaths have contributed to the aches and trauma experienced by the populace, the military, and the law enforcement officials who are always on the front lines. They are the ones who have been traumatized. Concerned by the circumstances, the idea for the center as such emerged. The leadership of Professor Ahmed Adhijo at the UMTH believed it was wise to make it possible to create this Center as a treatment for Trauma sufferers.

In order to get a pulse on the various medical infrastructures at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, NEWSng decided to speak with some staff members. Their response was positive and encouraging regarding the infrastructure improvements being made at the hospital to enhance the delivery of healthcare in the health subsector and provide citizens with high-quality and reasonably priced medical treatments through these specialized medical Centers being carried out.

“This hospital used to have open, spacious areas, but today, huge structures overwhelm our homes. One local remarked, “These structures are the medical centers addressing various medical illnesses and issues.

Prof. Ahmed Ahidjo

Professor Ahmed Ahidjo

He claims that it mainly offers joy and relief to Maiduguri inhabitants. “Professor Ahmed Ahidjo, the Chief Medical Director of the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, has his name inscribed in gold for coming up with such concepts. The work done by Professor Ahidjo and his staff has not only elevated the UMTH to the status of one of the most significant hospitals in Nigeria today, but it has also elevated Borno state to the ranks of states that actively promote medical travel inside Nigeria. People from the nearby nations of Niger, Cameroon, and the Tchad Republic are traveling here to receive medical care.” He Said.


It is obvious that these facilities have provided a medically supportive environment for people who are ill, as the case may be. It includes the Muhammadu Buhari Trauma Center. During a tour of the Trauma Center, it was noted that the facility houses units from all departments needed to provide comprehensive care for patients who require assistance with trauma-related issues. The CMD had stated that the Trauma Center is one of his heart’s beats, and with such a big project on his mind, he has always thought quickly to make sure that the development does not stop at structures but also the technicality in bringing specialists who can establish a quality care environment.

Professor Theophilus Dabkana, a medical consultant who had worked there for a while, stated that “now our teaching hospital is a centre of medical research, teaching and training not just in Nigeria but throughout the west African sub-region. We have all the necessary medical facilities, making us the biggest and best in the area that I mentioned.”

One of the enormous structures surrounding the administrative portion of the teaching hospital is the Muhammadu Buhari Trauma Center.  According to NEWSng’s assessment, the center is completely exploited and in use. The treatment of trauma patients by doctors and other medical personnel is visible. Trauma is defined as an occurrence that creates a considerable deal of distress due to an emotional wound that results in psychological harm to a person’s mental state.  It is also described as any severe bodily harm, frequently brought on by a tragic or violent catastrophe, which frequently results from a conflict, terrorist attack, robbery, or natural disaster.

Further explaining that orthopedics and trauma are both parts of trauma, senior medical consultant Prof. Theophilus Dabkana, an expert in both fields, said that trauma mostly deals with physical injuries. He claimed that the hospital was doing well but added that despite the management team’s tremendous efforts, some medical equipment in the Center still needs to be improved in order to treat trauma patients effectively if the hospital is to compete with the best not only in West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa but also in meeting the standards of some hospitals around the world.

When UMTH Is Leading The Way In Trauma Care

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