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Young Margaret Joshua: Life Cut Short

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Young Margaret Joshua: Life Cut Short

By: Balami Lazarus

This piece is a follow – up of the report of the killing of innocent young Miss Margaret Joshua. The incident was gothic and gory because of its delibrate and conceived intention as investigated by this writer, which took place on the 11th of November 2022 at the National Institute of Tryponasomiasis (NITR) Vom . The act was carried out by one Mrs. Nneamaka Nwachukwu a staff with the NTIR .

The cases of child abuse has been subject of concerns and litigation in our society today. While the evil doers are never caught and brought to justice. This reminds me of “Faceless” by Amma Darko where young boys and girls were abused , maltreated , tortured and killed in homes and in the streets .

The killing of 11 year Margaret Joshua by her guardian Mrs. Nwachukwu a mother of two daughters of 3 and 5 years . Further investigations revealed that young Margaret Joshua was brought to the alleged killer through a friend from Kaduna who had link with the parents of the deceased who are indigenes of Kebbi state.

There was a deception for Margaret to come and live with the family of Nwachuckwu because she was promised a better life . Margaret was released through a pastor whom her parents confided in. Unknowingly Margaret was handed over to a wolf in sheep skin.

According to confirmed sources , Margaret Joshua was I’ll treated beaten and tortured by the Nwachukwus. Examining her graphic pictures truly it shows that Margaret passed through untold torture and pains for a long time. Healed scars of beatings are all over her body. In 2021 Mrs. Nneamaka was reported to the police station in Vom jurisdiction by concerned neighbours. It was believed that the police had cautioned Mrs. Nwachukwu to desist from this heinous act.

Notwithstanding, the involvement of law enforcement agents and good neighbours including her husband who had once reported his wife to the police. Mrs. Nwachukwu did not stop at that but went on to pour hot groundnut oil on the buttocks of Margaret which later led to her death at the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH)

To show how wicked and heartless this woman is, she was found comfortably at home without remorse after committing the crime.

The case was filed as capable homicide at the Plateau State High Court of Justice , court 12 in Jos.

This should serve as a wake up call to parents in general to desist from given their children to families with questionable child upbringing.

Balami , Publisher /
Columnist 08036779290

Young Margaret Joshua: Life Cut Short

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