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Ahmed Musa Kida: A Victory For NBBF

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Ahmed Musa Kida: A Victory For NBBF

By: James Bwala

Once again, President Muhammadu Buhari has shown that he is indeed a leader that listened to the voice of reason. The move by the President to return the Nigeria Basketball Federation to International Competition has further placed him at the centre of the game as a man who understands achievements and is willing to write his name in gold on the pages of history of basketball in Nigeria.

Very few individuals had wanted to draw back the hand of the clock on the many achievements made by the Ahmed Musa Kida’s board at NBBF but truth they say is light that always shines away darkness. The decision of President Muhammadu Buhari to rescind the two year ban and to return Ahmed Musa Kida and his board on the NBBF front is proof that truth always stands in the light where everyone can see.

Recalled that on May 12, 2022, the Ministry of Youth and Sports announced that President Muhammadu Buhari approved a two-year ban from international basketball activities following the unending crisis plaguing the Nigeria Basketball Federation, NBBF following the emergence of the Ahmed Musa Kida as President for the second term.

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That decision was criticized in several quarters but the Minister stood his ground that it was the best thing to do to save basketball from dying; especially on the home front where there had been little or no activities. This was against the realities on ground as observed by many basketball lovers and concerned supporters of the game.

Ahmed Musa Kida: A Victory For NBBF

The hard stance led to the removal of the Nigeria women basketball team, D’Tigress from the roster of teams for the World Cup and was replaced by Mali. There were fears D’Tigers – the male team – would also suffer a similar fate with the men’s second phase World Cup qualifiers also approaching. However, with the reversal of the ban, the men will be able to continue in their World Cup qualification quest.

Before this reversal, the Minister of Sports had sworn in an interim management committee to oversee the running of basketball. However, there are strong indications the Musa Kida-led board will take up the role following their recognition by the international body FIBA.

I believe with the return of the Engineer as the President of the Federation, Nigeria will soon witness more success in its outings. Although there are opportunities missed, I know that the game will turnout for good just as the table has turned. We shall see a more vibrant team and witness speedy achievements as we cover all lost grounds in the game of basketball in Nigeria. 

Our hopes on the D’Tigars and Tigress have been rekindled and we are solidly behind the Ahmed Musa Kida board having seen their achievements and records of straight forwardness in the demonstration of leadership of the basketball Federation in its first four years of the administration of the game. We are also sure on a solid footing that President Muhammadu Buhari will look back after he left office to see that he had made the right decision for the game and history will remember him for his great achievements.

There is no need to recall records of the Ahmed Musa Kida as they speak volumes. The Sport Ministry and all basketball lovers in Nigeria can attest to the fact that this is a victory long awaited. We shall continue to call for support for the board and will also continue to show our love for basketball in Nigeria as concerned basketball lovers in Nigeria.

Ahmed Musa Kida: A Victory For NBBF

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