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Nigerian troops repel ambush by Boko Haram

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Nigerian troops repel ambush by Boko Haram

By: Bodunri Kayode

Troops of the Nigeria military have repelled an ambush by Boko Haram insurgents Saturday morning while escorting a convoy of commuters on the road from Damboa to Maiduguri.

The troops under the Damboa Brigade command were actually on escort duties to Maiduguri when their convoy was disrupted by the insurgents at Falauwunne village about 25 km from Damboa town.

The insurgents from our sources had dangerous intentions to unleash terror on the travelers who usually commute on a very long convoy from Damboa to Maiduguri and back.

However, Borno State Commissioner of Police Abdu Umar during a briefing told newsmen that none of his men were abducted by the desperate insurgents over the weekend.

He however revealed that it was in Gubio that insurgents abducted a police man recently but the officer and some other civilian JTF members escaped when the airforce rained proactive strikes on the insurgents who could not get away with their catch.

“They were attacked during an escort duty in which 2 soldiers were killed and others injured at Falauwunne about 55km from Maiduguri. ” He said.

Attack on RRS team and office in Beneshiek 

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Meanwhile, there was an attack on the Rapid Response Squad (RSS) team in Beneshiek in which 4 Civilian JTF vehicles were burnt down and three people killed including 1truck driver, 1civilian JTF driver and one passerby cut by the sporadic bullets of the insurgents.

“It happened at about 4am last Saturday in Beneshiek and our men had to send support to counter the attack in the town.

Impeccable sources said that the action of the insurgent Boko Haram against the cjtf was a reprisal attack after the RRS had earlier destroyed some of their strong holds.

RRS sources said that the attack to their strong hold at Beneshiek by 3am in the morning of Saturday was a sad moment for the RRS squad.

“They came through the southern part of the town from the Bush,  went directly to CJTF office to attack us. 

“One CJTF Babagana Kakama tried to respond to their attacks but was shot dead on the spot, by the insurgents who were shooting sporadically.

” Yakubu Tangale a notorious insurgent was equally killed when the ISWAP tried to escape, one truck driver also shot when he tried to escape from shooting area opposite CJTF office

“Three members  of CJTF sustained degree of injuries while protecting the vehicles,  they have being hospitalised at Yobe State Teaching Hospital, Damaturu.” He revealed.

On vehicles destroyed by the criminals, he posited that “RRS 012, RRS 013, LG01, LG02 and one Tricycle were completely burnt by the insurgents. 

” Wounded cjtf members include Grema Bulama, Balumin Modu, kelube, Audu Kyari while others “

As at the time of writing this report, security meetings were being organised to review the security architecture with the Military, Council Chairman, Member BOHA, POLICE, CJTF and Hunters.

ISWAP actually came on reprassial attack after three guntrucks were collected from them by the RRS squad at Mainok on 17th of this month.

Nigerian troops repel ambush by Boko Haram

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