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The Burns Centre: Professor Ahidjo’s Management Crusade At UMTH

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The Burns Centre: Professor Ahidjo’s Management Crusade At UMTH

By: Balami Lazarus

Recently, the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital has been the subject of a great deal of positive commentary. These reports on medical facilities, services, and administration have enhanced the delivery of healthcare to the people of Borno state and Nigeria as a whole. However, everything claimed was true.

While the media has never highlighted the core of her medical development and advancement, NEWSng has dedicated itself to the story over the past few months and started to tell it in-depth, giving the true position from its interactions with staff, management interviews, patients, and from observation of what is happening on the ground to bring these positive lights on UMTH- the largest so far in Nigeria.

The leadership and management team of Professor Ahmed Ahidjo, the CMD, has brought this great institutional hospital to the next level of international standard in line with her objectives. These include the provision of medical facilities, capital projects, staff welfare, and labor relations.

There are just a few Burns Centers throughout the entire nation, and Yola and Maiduguri are the only two in the northeast. North East Development Commission (NEDC) constructed the UMTH Burns Center as part of its duties. The Burns Treatment Center has been in operation since it was commissioned in April 2022.

The Burns Centre At UMTH

This became possible following the story that the health industry has been one of Borno’s worst-hit industries throughout the more than 13-year Boko Haram conflict. The terrorists believed that by attacking government buildings, the people of the state and the administration would be forced to face the brunt of their campaign. As a result, health centers in Borno state and northeast Nigeria became targets. In Borno state in parts of the local government areas, hospitals and health centres were damaged, vandalized, or set on fire.

The few health centers and facilities that were serving the populace became overburdened as a result of the attacks in the majority of local government districts, which prompted inhabitants to migrate to Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno State. This led to difficulties in the health sector.

Because of the overcrowding in the different internally displaced persons camps, which housed people who had been uprooted by the insurgency, infections were more likely to spread there. However, the difficulties in the health sector were reduced with the arrival of the North East Development Commission (NEDC) and its interventions in the various health centers in Maiduguri and environs, particularly the partnership with the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH), which gave birth to the much talk about Burns Centre.

The opening of the Burns Center was a much-welcomed development and a milestone that has maintained the UMTH’s prominence. It is vital to construct this Center because of the unique environment in Borno state. the unrest that engulfed the state during the height of the insurgency, when killings and destructions resulted in fatalities, injuries, and fires.

Burn patients lack a specialized unit or center in hospitals in the northeast to care for them since at the height of the insurrection there was no hope in sight for those suffering from burns. Only the accomplishments noted during Ahidjo’s led medical administration may reveal the concept of the management team to cooperate for growth with the Northeast Commission.


One of the centers that some guests and hospital partners are unaware of is the UMTH Burns Center.”Except for the Kidney Center, Cancer Center, and Trauma Center, which I am all aware of, I have never heard of the Burns Center. But not for Burns Center. According to a report, a hospital visitor remarked this in response to the present situation there.

The Center’s head, Professor Chubado Tahir, a burns specialist and consultant, told NEWSng that it focuses on various burns treatments. Burns may be caused by fire, heat, or radiation, Professor Tahir continued. All of these are taken care of and treated in this Center. For the treatment and care of burns, we have all the required tools and supplies. My crew is skilled and trained in treating burns. Added Prof. Chubado.

He claimed that as burns are a delicate harm to the body in part or whole, the burns center is comparable to an intensive care unit. Burns come in two varieties: small burns and serious burns. Additional classifications include first-, second-, and third-degree burns. He clarified.

When NEWSng took a tour of the Center, nurse Aisha Umar Ngohi, a Metron, was there. Metron Ngohi stated that the hospital’s Burns Center is a good addition since “it has significantly lowered the rate of deaths from burn injuries.” You will receive the best treatment and attention at our infection-free facility. Additionally, it functions as an intensive care unit where recovery is handled with great care. Our wards are strictly reserved for patients exclusively. The open wards you often find in hospitals are not like this one.

The Burns Centre At UMTH

Burns have long been an ailment that needed skilled treatment, while others required surgical grafts. The Burns Center “came at the right time for the people of Borno state, considering the nature of our present environment where you find people with severe burns injuries as a result of the happenings in the northeast,” said Dr. Kefas Mbaya, a consultant of Plastic and Burns Surgery.

“In this sense, the Center has been achieving its main goals of providing patients with burn treatments and procedures. The Center has also advanced burn research and understanding through training medical students and researchers in the field.

The inability of some patients to pay for their medical costs is one of the difficulties this center has to deal with. The majority of our patients struggle to pay for their therapies. Treatments, care, and medicines for burns are necessary. Burn treatment medications are pricey. Therefore, we must account for our costs for consumables like oxygen, bandages, and cotton, among others.  He spoke.

Another difficulty that NEWSng was forced to comprehend was the requirement for ventilation holes to be guarded from insects that can injure patients in wards. The Burns Center is one of several medical centers housed at the UMTH.

The Burns Centre: Professor Ahidjo’s Management Crusade At UMTH

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